YouTube Retained 1080p Playback in India On Wi-Fi Network

YouTube was one of the companies that reduced the default quality of videos amidst the extra stress on networks caused by the COVID-19 lockdown in order to curb eventual connectivity outages.

In March YouTube Has Decreased the Quality of Videos to Avoid the Pressure On Network in COVID-19 LockDowns.

Upto Today YouTube Ran on Maximum Video quality at 480p On all Mobile Devices. But on Laptops and Desktops & Smart Tv’s YouTube Ran on 1080p.

After 3 Months Today YouTube has Retained the 1080p Playback in YouTube on Mobile Devices.

YouTube back again defaulting to 1080p in India, but only on Wi-Fi

YouTube has Applied a Condition for this 1080p Video Playback. The Users can Enjoy 1080p Playback if the User is On Wi-Fi Network. On Mobile Data The Play Back is restricted to 480p.

Stay Tuned To Mobiradar for More Information.

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