Xiaomi made its first Power bank and launched in the market on 20th February 2017. in power banks, Segment Xiaomi got a Sucess and the users who are using Xiaomi smartphones are also using these power banks. the users who are going to buy a power bank took a look at these power banks. these power banks got a huge success. in October 2018 Xiaomi launched 2 power banks with 10,000 & 20,000 mAH power banks named Mi power bank 2i with fast charging in and out support which is also a huge success Indian market. in 2018 Nov Xiaomi launched a power bank named Mi power bank 3 with 20,000 mAh. now today Xiaomi launched this power bank with 10,000 mAH capacity in China

this power bank comes with a Aluminum case like Mi power bank 2i. this power bank comes with a USB-C port which is used for charging the power bank and charging the phone. it also has a Micro-USB port which was used for charging and USB-A port for charging the devices. it can support upto 9V /2A and 12V/1.5A. 4 White colour led lights are present on the top to indicate battery paercentage. This Mi power bank 3 has a thickness of 14.2mm which is nice for a power bank. Xiaomi is providing A USB-C able to Micro USB Cable for charging in the box it self. this can arrive in india with a name of Mi power Bank 3i which will be Assembled in india. it can lunch in india at some Importnt Mobiles Xiaomi mobile launch events. this will be available in Silver and Black colours.

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