When You Require Testosterone Treatment and When You Don’t

What causes erectile dysfunction? 

Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, Ejaculation Diseases, and Low Libido

Few men want to discuss their physical problems, and many don’t seek therapy despite their relief. 

Physical difficulties that affect men can usually be treated entirely with medicine, psychological counseling, mechanical services, and operation. If you have erectile dysfunction or ED, Peyronie’s Disease, premature ejaculation, weak libido, or other low testosterone-related situations (low T), we can support. Men’s health professionals ensure you recognize the cause of your physical problem and how to handle it when it happens. Our goal is to help you have a healthful love life, improve your feeling of well-being and your rest of mind.

Reasons to Speak Your Doctor About physical Dysfunction

Opposite to what popular culture may have you think, most men feel erectile dysfunction (ED) at some period in their lives. But that doesn’t suggest it is something you should overlook. Recurring ED can be harmful to your love life and cause embarrassment and disappointment.

And though it’s not always a simple topic to talk about, here are a few key causes why it’s important to have an open discussion with your physician about any problems you’ve had with ED, according to a specialist, and reproductive medicine and physical health expert:

Physical issues of erectile dysfunction

Medical situations:

A heart condition, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, Peyronie’s Disease, clogged blood vessels, kidney infection, high cholesterol and blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, sleep troubles

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Lifestyle factors:

  • Obesity, drunkenness, tobacco use
  • Medicine interactions
  • Operations or treatments in the pelvic or spinal area 
  • Damages to the penis or testicles

Psychological difficulties of erectile dysfunction

Anything that conflicts with a man’s intimate feelings and thoughts can cause ED. That’s because the brain has to trigger physical arousal feelings and give other signals that cause the physical events that drive to an erection, supported by ejaculation. Psychological problems causing ED may include:


Relationship difficulties with the intimate partner


About Male Erectile Dysfunction

Low T or Testosterone Insufficiency

Low T or testosterone lack is a reduction in the hormone called testosterone. The Disease may be connected with ED and is a common occurrence among men as they age. 

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is described as being weak to get or keep an erection firm sufficient to have love.

Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s Disease is a kind of erectile dysfunction. It belongs to a build-up of collagen, plaque, or wound tissue that makes the penis bend, curve, or form hourglass damage, making erection unpleasant.

Pills to treat erectile dysfunction

Medicines such as Fildena (sildenafil), Vidalista 40 (tadalafil), and others are the most generally known ED treatments. These pills heighten the effects of naturally happening nitric oxide that loosens muscles in the penis when physically aroused.

The high blood flow to the penis occurs in a continuous erection. But if nitric oxide is not produced by arousal, these pills will not work.

ED Can Show Other Health Problems

While there are several physicals, emotional, and mental causes you experience ED, it can also be a symptom of other serious health problems. These can involve:

• Diabetes

• Heart and vascular Ailment

• Tension, anxiety, and depression

• Alcohol, medication, or tobacco use

• Medication side effects

• High blood pressure

• Low testosterone

• Constant inflammation

• Obstructive sleep apnea

Correcting ED Can Improve Mental Health

As stated, ED can be connected to anxiety and depression, and the signs of those situations may interfere with your love life. In some cases, though, ED may be the condition of depression, as the state can manage to low self-confidence, sadness, or disappointment. Discussing how to approach ED with your physician may relieve negative feelings and help boost self-confidence.

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ED Is Connected to Greater Risk for Heart Disease

This chance is worth repeating. Did you know that erectile dysfunction can correctly predict future cardiovascular difficulties such as smoking, family history of heart attack, and high cholesterol? Asking your regular occurrence of ED with your doctor, you may be ready to observe your risk for heart ailment better and seek preventative treatments for it.

You Can Support Break The Stigma Surrounding ED

While ED may be more prevalent among older men, it still moves younger men too, who are usually ashamed to talk about it with their physician. By going within the process, you can advise others who may be too embarrassed to come forward to their physicians about their physical health.

Despite your reasons for considering ED with your doctor, he or she can suggest various treatment paths to address erectile dysfunction and help tackle the underlying — possibly serious — men’s health difficulties.

Treatment options for ED like tadalista or vidalista 60 don’t always include a little blue pill. Lifestyle adjustments, like dropping weight and restricting alcohol consumption, and counseling to address sensitive and psychological issues, help produce the best outcomes.

Getting routine check-ups and living a relationship with a main care doctor is also solution to a healthy life.

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