What Is Graphene? What Are Its Uses In Daily Life

Graphene is a 2-dimensional Metrrial. It is also known as a Sheet of carbon. It is formed when a Cello Tape Stuck on Graphite surface and then removed. We can see Graphite in daily life.

graphene Molecular Strcture.jpg

You can See the Molecular Structure in the Above Image. There are some hexagonal Shapes Present In the Structure known as atoms. These atoms are made up of Carbon.

 It is used in batteries, Pencils, Sodium-Graphite Reactors. In Simple Words, When you cut the graphite into one Single-layer then we will get graphene. Research Was Started on This material In 1947 But Discovered in the year 2004. Till now the Research on this material is Going On and On for every Single Application. We can see many Properties of this graphene In Near Future. There are many Applications in the graphene. There are Some Exclusive graphene Research Centers in Some Countries like Australia, Uk, India, USA, Italy, Greece, Korea, Brazil, Japan, and China. When You Will sees the properties Then You will know How Important Is Graphene in our future.


  • Strongest material as 40 times stronger than Diamond And 200 times stronger than Iron.
  • Very thin ( Graphene thickness is about 0.346 Nm )
  • More Denser. That means A Hydrogen atom Also Cant Escape from this Graphene Structure.
  • Lighter than Helium Gas Which is Used In Ballons.
  • Very Elastic In Nature.
  • High Thermal Conductivity. It can resist 20 Times More heat than a Diamond.
  • Conducts More electricity than Copper.
  • It is Very Flexible. That means I will not break in any Condition.
  • There are many unknown properties that are finding out by Scientists.


  • Flexible Oled Displays. In Foldable Smartphones.
  • In Plastic and carbon fiber. Plastic household Things and Carbon fiber Domes When Made With plastic, carbon fiber + graphene It will not break.
  • In Solar Panels to absorb more heat And Get Electricity.
  • In Sodium-Graphite Nuclear reactors as a Moderator to Speed up or Slow down the reaction
  • To prevent Corrosion. When graphene coating Painted on Iron, the rust will not form.
  • It can be used as a Supercapacitor.
  • Graphene Can Be Used as a Filter to convert Saltwater into Drinking water.
  • It can be used as a Sensor to Discover the properties of other elements
  • In feature, We will get more Applications On graphene And we will Update You.

This Graphene and uses in daily life.

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