All companies are following sub-brand trend in 2019. Now all Famous Chinese companies are following this trend. First Huawei launched honor as its sub-brand in 2013. At that time there was no this type of trend. By launching Honor as a Sub-brand Huawei got success in that and increasing shipping units from year to year. From Last year, companies started this trend to bring valuable phones in less price. This strategy was first started by OPPO to beat Xiaomi interns of sales and to grab their some amount of market share.

By this strategy Oppo launched their sub-brand named Realme, and launched a phone named Realme 1 which is a great success in the market. After that Xiaomi also announced their sub-brand named POCO to launch the flagship killer against Oneplus. This strategy worked with the Oppo & Xiaomi. Now Realme & Poco became the biggest brand in India and Indian youth are buying their phones. Now Vivo announced its brand named IQOO and preparing to launch their Foldable flagship and gaming phones. Here the market share is very less for gaming phones and there is no idea about the market share of fold able phones. This is very different from what the other competitors are doing. This was announced through the social site web.

Vivo is launching their fold able phones on IQOO brand. They are marketing this brand as a premium brand. As of now we know Vivo is also working on a fold able smartphone. While Vivo has no market in premium segment they are thought to bring these smart phones on this IQOO brand. ViVo is thinking to start the 2019 with the launch of IQOO brand.

Lets see what Vivo does with IQOO in 2019. Stay tuned to Mobiradar for more interesting updates

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