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Mobiles are always a fantasy for users. People love to enjoy the new series and the latest specifications of the phones. But what if you want to check the models latest in mobile in one place? Do you want to compare all the models together? Then here we are going to compare the top 6 models that you can refer to this season. The festive season is ahead, and one can grab huge discounts. Before comparing the models, specify some features that you want to grab on your cell phone. Specifications like camera resolution, memory space, screen size, and processor.

Top 6 Models Latest in Mobile:

  1. One Plus 8

The company’s mobile phones are at hike since the launch of One Plus 1 a few years back. People were less fond of the new brand, but as soon as the features and specifications got popular, the sales were increased. Finally, the super new model with improved battery and screen size is an attraction for the buyers. HDR technology is an addition to the smartphone with better camera quality.

  1. Ultra 5-G Samsung Note 20

It is the latest model launched by the famous brand house with super-specifications. The performance is enhanced by Snapdragon 865. It has enough storage for apps and data with 265gb memory. 3-Cameras with 108Mp, 13Mp, and 12MP. The Ram of 12GB can handle the load and smooth the working and high speed of the device. The battery of 5100 mAh keeps the smartphone working for long hours with a battery life of 8-10 hours.

  1. Apple 11 iPhone Pro Max

iPhone is a dream brand for many users. Those who are using the device will never love any other brand. Its working and specifications are completely different from any other android device. Pro Max has a super performance of Apple A13 Bionic with 64Gb internal storage. 6.5-Oled display and the ultra-wide telephoto camera helps in crystal clear view of the screen.

  1. RealMe X

RealMe is another popular and proficient brand in the market. Its Snapdragon processor 710 is super-efficient and makes the smartphone smooth with an internal storage of 128 GB. It has a dual-camera with 48MP back camera and a 5MP front camera. The best thing that users like is 3675 mAh with a 4GB ram. It also has a pop-up selfie camera with 16MP high-quality resolution. One can grab deals on the model with heavy discounts. 

  1. Nokia 10

It is a very old company with quality smartphones. The smartphones of Nokia are expensive as the company never compromises with the quality of parts used inside a phone. We have even seen people complaining that parts of the phone are too expensive than the phone itself. Again, the reason is quality. In this model, one will get 6.5inches super-screen size and 5G technology used to enhance the performance. A dual-wide camera is again an add-on for the users. One can compare this device to many others to know the worth of the product. 

  1. Moto Razr V4

The model was launched in 2004 to resolve all the tribulations of people for finding the best cheap device under their budget. Finding all features and specifications in an affordable device is difficult for many. So, Moto has launched another device in 2020 with an OLED display with all the basic specifications, but this time, it will be sold at a high price. Yes, it is giving competition to the iPhone. It will cost higher than any iPhone model available in the market. The quality will match the price and its features. So, now it’s time to grab a smartphone with smart features and specifications. You can add many more things to the list for comparison before buying the product.

Here we have a list of the top 6 smartphones that are the most popular and in-demand nowadays. One can select the best based on their work requirement and usage.

What are the Top Specifications one should look at before Buying a Phone?

Go through these specifications before selecting the smartphone:

  1. Camera Quality: Many people buy a cell phone to avail of the high-resolution camera quality with crystal clear clarity. One can compare different models before finalizing a one.
  2. Internal Storage: The space required depends on your usage and storage that how much data you want to save on the smartphone. The minimum requirement for smooth functioning is 32Gb, which goes up to 64 or 128Gb’s depending on the brand and model.
  3. Ram: Good ram quality is necessary for any device. It helps to handle the storage of the phone and application along with smooth function. Ram for any android or iOS device ranges from 4GB up to 12GB.
  4. Screen Size: It is another specification that completely depends on the user’s need. The minimum or recommended screen size of new devices is 5.5 to 6 inches.
  5. Price: The user has to decide that up to what range their budget allows them to pay. There are cheap smartphones of 10K up to expensive till 1 lac. One can buy the top models with good features between 30-50K.

Therefore, one must go through all these features to select the best model from the market. Doing market research and survey following to comparing the smartphone always helps in getting the best options. So, try to select the best product based on your usage and requirement.


Hence, here we had a glance at the top models available in the market and how you can compare and select the best. There are many other devices available that you can use. While buying a smartphone, our team always try to recommend the models with good specifications to our readers. Our team research for weeks and shortlist the top 15 products; now, from the top 15 products, the second step is to select the top 5 recommendable products. As a result, after comparing and understanding each device’s working, it becomes easy for experts to refer to the best device. So, compare today and buy the best model latest in mobile from the market.

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