Top 7 UI UX Design Trends For Mobile Apps

The first impression a user has on a mobile app is entirely dependent on its UI a.k.a User Interface. The way the app is presented, how attractive it is all those matters. Then the next important part is the UX or User Experience. Here the way the app interacts with the user is given importance. How easily they can find out what they want and how well the app interacts with the user is what matters. 

With the emergence of asymmetrical layouts, dark themes, 3D designs, animations, the UI UX design has reached an entirely new level. So while creating a mobile app do give enough prominence to the design part. Here are a few UI UX design trends:

  1. Asymmetrical Layout

Now is the perfect time to experiment with the shape, asymmetry has the ideal symmetry now. One of the best design trends in 2020 is the asymmetrical layout. It is eye-catching and attractive. It also makes sure to give the users a very different and new experience. If you are a designer, this one is definitely on the top trend list. Also experimenting with colours is another trend. Any colours can be combined now; whether it is bright or warm or flashy, it is all eye-catching.

  1. Dark Themes

Another top trend in 2020. It is not just stylish; it improves the battery life and also is more comfortable for the eyes. It will indeed give a warm experience to the users. Now Apple and Android phones offer in-built dark mode themes. It is a fact that people’s screen time has increased tremendously, so this comes with the perks of relaxing your eyes, saving the battery life, and looking stylish.

  1. Password-less login

With numerous apps on our phones, it is quite a big task to remember their log in ids and password. So the new age solution to it is biometrics. You can use fingerprint or face recognition. Gone are the days where you have to deal with the hassle of passwords. Passwordless logins are simple, easy, and also more secure.

  1. Microinteractions   

Microinteractions are small animations that make the app more attractive to the user. They are so subtle and blend in well with the app that we don’t notice them much. But their absence is very well-identified. One perfect example of microinteraction is the Facebook like button. Their function is perfectly blended with the app that we cannot imagine the existence of without them. Microinteraction plays a significant role in improving user interaction, but it is rarely noticed. 

  1. AR & VR

Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) is the present and also the future trend of UI UX. With the advancement of these two technologies, the UI UX design had achieved another level. Now the use of these technologies are mostly seen in the gaming areas; we all have the trend set by pokemon go. 

Planning to buy some new furniture, wear glass and see how it will go with your drawing room, that is augmented reality for you. So one thing that we can be sure about is these two technologies will bring revolutionary changes in the design trends.

  1. Content style

The users are now interested in knowing the story behind a product or how it came to life. Make sure there is no technical jargon used. Keep in mind the type of user you will address and make sure they know what you write and the service you provide. You can be creative with the words but make sure not to complicate it.

  1. Storytelling

Another design trend that can capture the attention of the users is storytelling. Add creative elements of stories on each page. It will build curiosity in users. Being creative is the soul quality a designer should have, adding stories to the design is like the cherry on top.

As it is said, change is the only constant thing; it is so true with the design trends. For a UI UX developer, it is a responsibility to keep up with the trends, and for a UI UX design agency, it is vital to make sure to incorporate the latest trends in their designs.

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