Top 10 TEFL Certification Course Online in 2021

Did you know that there are over 1.5 billion people out there who are eagerly waiting to learn English as a foreign language? That’s equivalent to more than 100,000 job opportunities as an English teacher. But what are the requirements to become one? TEFL is the one and only answer to all your questions. TEFL or Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a course that enhances your likeliness to get a job as an English teacher. Moreover, it provides you the paraphernalia to become the dream teacher of every student.

TEFL certification courses can be availed both online as well as in person. TEFL certification online brings you the flexibility to study from anywhere in the world at any time you want.

Since there are numerous TEFL certification courses available, you might be wondering which one you should select.

The review scores of each program and number of reviews program had are the 2 things that you would like to keep in your mind before selecting the best online TEFL course.

One must give his stamp of approval to the best program available, the one which has the maximum number of better reviews.

Here’s the list of top 10 TEFL courses that you would like to apply to:

1. Henry Harvin TEFL Certification Course

Last but not the least, we have Henry Harvin TEFL Certification Course, the best you can get. It guarantees a 100% interview. Who doesn’t want to learn through games? Yes, Henry Harvin teaches you via multiple media like games, projects, case studies etc. It also guarantees internship at it’s firm or partner firms. The benefits of Henry Harvin Online TEFL course are innumerable. It helps you to clear the TEFL certification exam, enhances your confidence in class and most importantly, develops the capability to think out-of-the-box. It promises you to spoil you by boundless job opportunities from all over the world. It believes that sky’s the limit and the world’s one giant classroom. No wonder it’s number 1!

2.  Maximo Nivel

Starting our list with number 10, Maximo Nivel TEFL certification course offers a 100-hour, self-paced online course. Maximo Nivel tries to conserve the traditional class interaction by guaranteeing 10 hours with a private tutor via zoom or skype. A 6-hour hands-on practice time with real language learners enables you to demonstrate what you have learned and thereafter, the private tutor furnishes you with some constructive criticism. Lifetime job search support is ensured once you finish the course.

3. TEFL Course from i-to-i

TEFL courses usually last 120-150 hours but if you want to prolong the fun learning time, there is no better course for you than the Internationally Recognized TEFL Course from i-to-i. Courses offered last from 180 to 320 hours, providing students with additional modules such as business English, grammar awareness and much more. This course will provide you the support and feedback from DELTA (diploma provided by Cambridge English) qualified tutors. Schools all over the world consider i-to-i alumni to be great teachers due to its big, shiny international reputation.

4. ITTT Online TEFL/TESOL Course

Looking forward to refining your teaching skills? ITTT TEFL/TESOL course will guide you not only during 60 to 250 hours of your course but also during your job hunt. All ITTT online courses are accredited and externally moderated by OTTSA (Online TEFL and TESOL Standard Agency). Its low course prices mean that getting qualified.

to teach English won’t stretch your budget. With centers in Phuket, Barcelona, Rome, New York, London and Paris, it has been in the Teacher Training Industry for more than 25 years.

5. Premier TEFL

With a standard 120-hour course time, Premier TEFL offers you excellent English teaching faculty through their app and eBooks. It promises its trainees with more intensive study at their own pace with different programs offering different perks. In addition to an expert personal tutor, Premier TEFL provides you with a letter of reference which would be of immense help when applying for your first job. For the less confident alumni, it comes with a solution of internship opportunities across Asia, Europe and South America. This helps them to demonstrate their knowledge in the real world while helping them to build their CV.

6. UNI-Prep Institute

If you want a standard 120-hour course to finish with 2 to 4 weeks, UNI-Prep Institute has got the perfect course for you. The course offers you with basics like reading, writing and phonics as well as lesson planning, language level testing and much more. With your personal tutor, it enables you to master the art of teaching English. The only requirements are a high school diploma and native level of English. It kicks the competition by beating the prices of its competitor.

7.  myTEFL course

Want to complete your TEFL journey within 120 hours? Start it with myTEFL which offers courses ranging from 40 to 120 hours. With 24 hours tech support a day, trainees learn the art of reading, writing, speaking and listening. A recommendation letter after the completion of the course acts as a cherry on top of the cake, increasing the chances of getting employed. However, the fact that some of the course fee goes to a partner organization as charitable donation makes it different from the rest. Adapt your teaching approach with myTEFL.

8. TEFLPros

The standard 120-hour course offered by TEFLPros is fully accredited and flexible. This course will prepare you for real life classroom problems such as managing difficult classroom situations, preparing study material and much more. But what led this standard course to be on number 3? The answer to this question is the transparency it offers. It has a “try before you buy” scheme which allows trainees to start the course before buying it. NO other course offers this transparency. It enables you to extract the best of both worlds: traditional classroom experience with a flexible schedule.

9. Teach Away’s OISE TEFL

The OISE TEFL course allows you to select from a variety of courses with different course time such as 100-hour course, 120-hour course or 150-hour course. But that’s not all that allows it to be in the top 3. Teach Away world leaders have partnered with University of Toronto. Yes, you’ve heard that correct. The OISE TEFL course was designed by university professors of the best university of Canada as well as the experts at Teach Away. So, a certificate from such a well-recognized university as well as from a renowned company can guarantee you your dream job at your dream destination.

10. International TEFL Academy

Next up on our list is International TEFL Academy. If you are looking for small class sizes for more personal attention, this 170-hour TEFL course would be perfect for you. Based in Chicago, International TEFL academy promises you to provide elite TEFL certification courses. It offers lifetime job search guidance to all of its ITA students and graduates. 150 hours of learning put together with 20 hours of hands-on practice and a personal tutor will assist you in making your dreams come true.


To conclude, if you desire to travel the world, bringing smiles on the faces of children eager to learn English, an English teaching career would be well-suited for you. You will not only experience different cultures, but will also make an impact in others’ life. To make sure you are on the right path, TEFL certification course is a must which will help you somewhere or the other in your life. Sign up and have a time of your life!


Author Bio: I am Jessica Harvid, Content Writer at Henry Harvin® Education, a leading career and competency development organization with focus on value creation.

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