Apple has released a new Mac OS update for mac laptop named as Mac Os Mojave. Now you can download and install the latest OS and test some of the best features in Mojave.

Lets see the tips and tricks of Mac OS Mojave

Dark Mode

Dark Mode is a new & best ever feature of of Mac OS Mojave which adds a dark lighting option, because it looks perfect. The great thing is it helps to concentrate on your work. It makes better time to work in night conditions. we can also toggle it on and off.

System Preferences > General > select either ‘Light’ or ‘Dark’ theme

Organizing Desktop With Stacks

In Mac OS we can easily organize the desktop with stacks feature. This option is made to remove or rearrange the desktop with useful content on it. For a greater grip over stacks you can also use tags.

Lets see the procedure

if you have to open afresh & new stack Stack, you have to click it and files will appear on your desktop. You can also quickly go through the files which are shown as thumb nails using stacks. To flip through the files, which are shown as thumbnails. So you to Use two fingers on the track-pad to do this option.

If you want To use Stacks on the desktop, here’s the procedure

Click on ‘View’ in the menu bar in Finder option and select ‘Use Stacks’. To change how Stacks are grouped, click on View > Group Stacks choose ways how you want to group your stack.

3. Quick Actions

In Mac OS ifinder is a most useful tool . while you are scrolling in gallery view you can see the preview of files quickly.

By pressing the Command + Shift + P on your keyboard you’ll get information about the files & you can directly edit hose files in finder by using quick actions.

By this option you can rotate images from standard to landscape, combine multiple files into a single PDF file & edit videos without opening another app.

4. Screenshots In Mac

In mac OS If you want to take a screen shot you have to press Command + Shift + 5 and the new Screenshot tool opens. you can also easily share the screenshots by messages or emails, with the advanced options built-in in Mojave.

Password Alert

In older OS safari browser suggest to set a very strong password when you will signup for any account and opens it when you wants login into your account without passwords typing. These passwords are very strong and difficult to remember. These are so unique & strong and and so difficult for guess or find out.

After that you will set a password for a account and you will use that password for all accounts. If the hacker know’s your password he can breach all your accounts by using one password.

To protect against this mistake, Safari browser in mac OS Mojave will alert you if you have used the same password for different accounts, so you can change them by a more unique password.

Continuity Camera

In mac OS Mojave continuity camera this option is used to scan photos and documents. For this work It uses your iPhone to scan or photo objects and documents and which you can see on your mac quickly.

For this option you have to give Right-click in any app like Finder, Mail, Messages, Notes, Pages, Keynote or Numbers. After clicking you will able see a new option in the menu to “Take a Photo” or “Scan Document”. Select that option and then use your iPhone to take the shot or scan document.

New Mac App Store

Apple has completely redesigned the interface of the Mac App Store in new Mac OS named Mac OS Mojave. It’s now very easy to search the store and find the apps you want & with new app tabs option for Create, Work, Play and Develop which is new the highlight in app suggestions by the Mac App Store team in Mac OS.

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