Sony Is Entering Into Drone Market with New Airpeak Project

Today Sony has Launched an Project named Airpeak Project to Make the Drone Camera’s. This Camera Technology is Based On Company’s Imaging, Sensing Expertise & 3R Technology which Includes Reality, Real-time and Remote.

Sony has Released the a Press Note by Mentioning this Project Will Be Useful For Entertainment & Process Uses. There is no Clear Information that sony is Going to Launch a Drone Camera Or a Drone Which is Totally Built By sony. The Total Information Will Be Available on Airpeak Site in Spring 2021. Upto Now There is Only One Teaser On the Site

In The Month Of January Sony Has Filed a Patent for a Foldable Drone. The Motors are Attached To on the 4 Pillars so They Can Be Folded into the Drone for Transportation From One Place To another Place before Using.

This Design is Looks Like The DJI Mini 2 Which Recently Launched Smallest Drone From DJI. Mini 2 Arms are folded into the Body of the Drone Befor Going into the Box. Stay Tuned To Mobiradar for More Information.

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