Simple Guidance For You In Web Development Analysis

Simple Guidance For You In Web Development Analysis To develop a system such as the Web, use the programming language selected as the “development language”.

Since there are so many programming languages in the world, the development language changes depending on the scene in which it is used. Programming language used for web application development and data analysis For example, trending developments include web applications, AI, and data analysis. For the Web, Java, Ruby, PHP, etc. are commonly used languages. Python is used for data analysis and AI development .

The development language to choose depends on the purpose Of course, even in the development of the same Web application, it depends on the purpose and required specifications . PHP and Ruby are often used when developing small to medium-sized applications, but Java is often used for medium to large-scale applications in consideration of stability.

Also, for smartphone apps, Java for Android and Swift for iOS are recommended, but if you want to do cross-platform development, you may develop in C # using a development environment called Xamarin.

Emphasis on efficiency” for prototype development

For small-scale development such as personal development, IT venture development, and prototype development for presentations , you should choose a language that can be developed quickly . For that purpose, a language with simple grammar and abundant libraries is good, and a dynamically typed language is recommended. To save time, it’s a good idea to choose a language with an active development community like Ruby. On the other hand, in development that emphasizes speed, security holes are often discovered later, and serious bugs are often found. After all, you may need to rewrite the code from scratch later.

“Stability is important” for development projects of large companies On the other hand, webdesign agentur development projects of large companies must emphasize stability anyway . The dynamically typed language is NG, and it can be said that a statically typed and compiled language is essential. Of course, you should use a language that has a lot of development experience and a long history, and it should be a language that has some form of paid support rather than being completely free.

So what’s the difference between development languages?

I understand that the grammar is different, and that the development efficiency, stability, and execution speed are different. Here are three points.

Static and dynamic typing

The first is the handling of constants and variables used when programming . Is it a variable in particular? For example, JavaScript, which is often used in front-side development of the Web, can contain numbers or letters in variables. If you want to use a variable, you can create a variable with any name you like and put a value in it. Such variables are called “dynamically typed” .

On the other hand, numerical if numeric, as a string when a character string, first form a string variable, integer, floating point types, what needs to be declared as a type, such as boolean “statically typed ” it is called. Second,

LowLevel Languages

A typical example of a low-level language is an assembler (assembly language). High-level languages, on the other hand, include Python and Ruby. Of course, C language and Java are also high-level languages. However, in this article, the C language used for IoT and embedded devices is positioned as a relatively low-level language, even if it is a high-level language. The description is complicated, but instead you can write high-speed processing according to the architecture.

High-level languages

on the other hand, can be described with a higher degree of abstraction than low-level languages. You don’t have to describe the processing in as much detail as in low-level languages, so you can speed up development . Of course , it is a language that is easy for beginners to study .

Scripting language and compiler language

And the third is when to convert to the executable format .Since the scripting language can be executed as soon as the source code is written, the biggest advantage is that it can be easily developed in a short cycle .

Many languages are relatively easy to learn, so it is suitable for beginners to learn. The disadvantage is that the execution speed is relatively slow because it is converted to machine language each time it is executed, and it is not suitable for large-scale development. On the other hand, the compiler language requires more work than the script language because it writes the source code, compiles it, and executes it, which makes it a little difficult for beginners to work on.

However, since the compiler language converts to an executable format close to machine language in advance, the execution speed is fast, so it is suitable for large-scale system construction.

From here, let’s introduce seven development languages. They are Java, C #, Ruby, Python, Elixir, TypeScript, Swift. Of course there is a reason to choose these.

There are four reasons for this

Activeness of the development community

First and foremost, there are many developers . And the large number of developers indicates that the development community is active in exchanging that information . For example, if you look at GitHub, you can find out which languages are under active development. The languages with the most contributions on GitHub are JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP, C ++, C # … and so on. If you remove JavaScript in this, you can see Java, Python, and C #.

Also, Ruby has a strong domestic community, so I recommend this instead of PHP. Also, TypeScript is ranked 3rd in “Rapidly Growing Languages”, so it is included in 7 selections. Second, there is the length of history of the language itself . Having a long history means that we have responded to various technological changes and changes in security conditions.

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