Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip sales Have Raised in March But the Galaxy S20 Series Sales Are Decreased

  Samsung Launched Galaxy Z Flip in February is doing a good job than Galaxy Fold. Samsung has Sold In total 230,000 units in March Which is 56.1% Hike From the Month February.

Samsung’s Biggest Revenue Genrater Galaxy S Series, But the Latest Galaxy S20 series is Weak This time. A new report from South Korea says that the sales are 35% Decreased Than The Last year’s Galaxy S20. are Subjected To Be Copyright

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This Year Samsung’s Sales are 22.4% Decreased Due to COVID-19 lockdowns. but The Samsung’s Premium Range Smartphones are Doing Well. In this LockDowns, Samsung has sold the Premium 89.46 million Smartphone units in the Month of March Which is 4.3% decreased to compared the Month of February.

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