Samsung Made a 10,000 PPI OLED Display

Engineers from Standford and Samsung have been working on a very intriguing project for some time now and they say they are ready to show it to the world. It’s the highest pixel density display in the world boasting 10,000 PPI.

Samsung and Stanford University Engineers are Working On a Mysterious Project From Long Ago. Now this Project Is Ready. It is a Display That Feature 10,000 Pixels Per Inch which Looks Mind Blowing. Currently OLED Display have Pixels Ranging From 500 – 700 Per Inch.

This Display is Based On Ultra Thin Solar Panels Which have a New Architecture for these High Pixel Displays. These Displays are Going To Apper Soon On OLED TV’s, Smartphones, VR Headsets to Kick Screen Door Effect. This Screen door Effect Means, You can See a Gap Between Pixel to Pixel. This Problem Usually Appears On VR Headsets.

In this New 10,000 PPI Display this New OLED Architecture is Supported By Filims which Releases White Light. In this Panel we Can See a Silver Colour Layer which is Made With Reflective Metal to Change Colours. By This Work We Can see this High Technology Display With 10,000 PPI without Loss In Brightness.

If Samsung Releases This type Of Displays In Market, There are No Processors which Support these Huge Displays. In Next Coming Months We can See Some Processors Which Supports This Display. Stay Tuned To MobiRadar For More information.

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