Today Samsung announced their new sensors named ISO CELL 3T2 Ultra Slim for punch hole cameras. Samsung has made this sensor because the next trend is camera punch hole type.

This sensor is a smaller 20-megapixel sensor. It can take pictures 60% more effective resolution at 10x digital zoom. The clarity of picture is more better than a traditional 13-megapixel sensor. This Sensor can gather more light and gives better quality pictures in all conditions. The pixel size is 0.8uM and it is very large. If the sensor is used as rear facing sensor, it has a rear RGB color filter array. This done by using a Tetra-cell Technology to correct colors in pictures. This can be also used as primary sensor or telephoto image sensor in rear camera setup.

By the specs this sensors looks awesome on paper with small size and large pixels. This sensor can feature in latest M series phones & other phones of Chinese manufactures etc. By placing these sensors in Budget mobiles Samsung can be a Master in camera Department in Budget category. Lets see what Samsung does with this sensor in M Series on January 28.

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