Samsung Galaxy Fold Have Display Breaking Issues

Samsung has announced its first Commercial Variant of Galaxy Fold Before MWC 2019. In 2019 MWC Galaxy Fold was Kept in A Glass Box to avoid Using the phone. After It got the Best Display Award which is good also. in March Galaxy Fold Leked With Several Serous Display issues like touch, Not working and a Small Line is visible on the display After Unfolded. Now a New problem on Galaxy Fold is Making a Step backward from Launch. this the polymer layer on 7.3″ Display is Easily Coming out and All YouTubers Peeled of that After peeling their display Did not work and Making a New Way For More Display Problems.

Polymer layer Coming out from the display. Picture from MKBHD.

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The Above picture was posted by A Famous Youtuber Named MKBHD. Here he Clearly shows that the Polymer Layer Coming out of Display. Samsung has Guaranteed, After Folding and Unfolding 2,00,000 times your display Will Work as New. but it is getting Spoiled within 4- 7 days. Bloomberg is saying this Might happen After Folding and Unfolding 1,00,000 times. here we have to See Samsung had Sent Used galaxy Fold Units to test the Durability after 2,00,000 times.

One side Display Not Working On Galaxy Fold.

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Here in the below picture, one side on the display is working and another side of Display is Simply in Power off condition. in an Interview Verge Asked Samsung about the display Breaking issues in Galaxy Fold. Samsung Responded and Said We took Issue So Seriously and We will Fix it in Commercial Device Before Reaching into the Consumers hands. if this problem doesn’t Fix Samsung Might Delay the launch of Galaxy Fold-In US and Other markets To Avoid Bad name on the company. Samsung faced many issues with Galaxy Note 7 in terms of replacement, and bad name on Company. Samsung is planning to Avoid those problems with Galaxy Fold By not releasing It. Let’s See what Samsung Does With Galaxy Fold Breaking Display.

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