In 2018 Realme launched their earphones named as Realme buds. these earphones are available at for 499.

Toady we will review these real me buds & compare with JBL C 100SI.


  • Excellent build quality.
  • Microphone quality is good but, buttons are very hard to press.
  • Sound, sound is lacking on these earphones. lets divide the sound
  • 1. Base, Base is good . here i will rate 8/10.
  • 2. Mids, Mids are cramped &narrow. here i will rate 7/10.
  • 3. Highs, Highs are lacking more. here i will rate 6/10.
  • Over all sound signature i will rate 6.5/10.
  • Over all package, build quality i will rate 7/10.

Comparison between JBL C 100SI with Realme buds

  • Here i don’t like the build quality of JBL C 100SI & Build quality is god on real me buds.
  • The sound signature is very good on JBL C 100SI & VERY BAD on real me buds
  • JBL has better separation of instruments & highs re clear. this is not the case with real me buds
  • JBL costs 750, where realme buds costs
  • 499


If you listen too much music go with jbl c 100si . If you not listen too much music & yo will notice instrument Sound, Mids, highs then go with Realme buds.

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