Qualcomm Got Lisence To Supply Snapdragon Doc’s To Huawei

Early This Week, a Roumer came that Qualcomm has Got License to Supply Thier Snapdragon Chips To Huawei for Smartphones and Other Products. That was as Actually a Roumer from China. Now Qualcomm Has Came a Step and Confirmed that They got Lisence to Supply Chips to Huawei.

In a Statement, Qualcomm has Confirmed that 4G chips Can be Delivered to Huawei from Now and They Didnot got Lisence to supply 5G Chips Now. Qualcomm Says that will happen In Near Future. Huawei Stated that they Will Start Working with Qualcomm Until the US Government Permits Them. Stay Tuned To Mobiaradar for More Information.

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