Google launched Pixel 3XL successor to Pixel 2XL. it is priced nearly $800 in international markets & 83000 rupees in India.

Pixel phones are known for Amazing picture quality, and now it is more improved with Pixel 3XL.

Going to the Review , I will divide the Review into pros & cons. let’s see quick specs of  Google Pixel 3XL.


Snapdragon 845 SOC (Octa core)


6.3″ QUAD HD+ S AMOLED screen

64 / 128 GB Internal Storage

Dual Nano Sim Slot

Rear Camera 12.2MP (f1.8) lens (OIS), +

Front Camera 8MP

3400 mAH Battery (Fast Charging) & wireless charging

Fingerprint / NFC / Bluetooth 5.0

Pixel 3XL PROS

  • 6.3″screen, excellent AMOLED panel used, No issues with screen quality.
  • Haptic feedback, one of the best in Android phones & closer to apple’s taptic engine.
  • Stereo Speakers, it is more louder than pixel 2xl.
  • Build Quality, it is way more premium to its price, No issues of kreekiness.
  • Wireless Charging is surprisingly fast.
  • Weight balance ,it is done very well , No issues with it.
  • Battery life, with heavy usage at the end of the i had 20% of charge. 1.5 days of batter life. ideal drain is very low.
  • Android Pie , fast, fluid, No lags.
  • Performance, very fast managed to do all tasks very well. no issues with the phone.
  • Ram Management, no lags with the device. no reloading of any apps in device.
  • Call Quality, it is fine. no issues with cellular call quality. ear piece is with in the notch & very loud.
  • IP rating, it is IP68 dust and water resistance.
  • Camera, improved camera when compared to pixel 2xl. camera is best in when compared to other devices. low light & daylight pictures are very good with HDR+. AI portrait mode does fabolus job.
  • Video recording is max at 4k 30fps .video was very stable, audio pick up is good.
  • Dual selfie camera, picture quality is awesome. goes very wide & suitable for vlogging.
  • In Gaming , we played asphalt 9 & PUBG at highest graphic setting with out no frame drops.

Pixel 3XL CONS

  • With always on display, battery drains fast.
  • Picking background noise in video recording mode & No 4k 60 fps.
  • Speaker, at max volume the speaker calls & ringtone volume was not that loud. they can fix this with upcoming software update.
  • No physical led notification light on device .
  • Screen gets easily scratched. use a screen high quality protector.
  • No 6 GB of ram, No future proof.
  • Just getting warm with 5 min of normal usage.
  • Bigger notch & ugly. you will not notice after a week of usage.
  • Pricing in India is very high & getting 64 GB of storage.


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