Oppo Teased Find X3 With All New Image Capturing & Display Technologies

Today Oppo has Announced “Full Path Colour Management System” which Will Appear In Upcoming Find X3 Series Which will Launch in 2021. Here the “Full Path” Refers Taking Photos, Storage of Photo’s & Displaying Photos With Full DCI-P3 gamut Coverage with 10 Bit Color Depth.

This Journey Starts with Taking the Photo. In this Oppo has Used Some Hardware & Algorithms that will Store the Quality of the image While Doing Multi frame Noise Reduction, Distortion Correction & Perceptual Extreme Super Resolution.

This New Development is Support For Gigital Overlap HDR Sensors on Which Sony is working From Years ago. The HDR, DOL Takes Photos from Different Exposures Simultaneously. They remove The Which are Not Correct in Moving Objects.

After taking photo, Photos are Stored in HEIF Format which support 10-bit Color Depth and Gives Smaller Size to Files Which is easy To Load. These 10-bit images will have Smooth Gradients Which are useful in Editing the Photo.

After Completion of this process, Oppo Is Using Screen Calibration Procedure to Bring the Color accuracy of their Displays To 0.4 JNCD. These Algorithms Will Adjust the Image Colour Gamut to match the Screen in DCI-P3 with D65 White Point.

Oppo Has Partnered With Zhejiang University to Develop test and Develop ways to Correct Images For Good viewing Experience For the People With Colour Blindness. Each user can use can Calibrate their Display For Better Results.

This Total System named Full Path Color Management System Will be able To See On Oppo Find X3 Series Which is Going to Launch In Q1 2021. Stay Tuned To Mobiradar for More Information.

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