OnePlus Buds Are Teased With 30 hours of Battery Including The Case

OnePlus is Going to Release OnePlus Buds along with OnePlus Nord On July 22. Today OnePlus has Teased a important Aspect of the OnePlus Buds with a Tag Life of “Industry Level Battery Life”.

According to Oneplus, OnePlus Buds is Going to Hit With Whopping Battery Capacity of 30 Hours ( Buds + Case ) with the Same Design Which was Leaked Before.

OnePlus Buds promise 30 hours of battery life with the charging case

The Buds will Provide 7 Hours of Listening time and the Battery Case Will Provide 21 Hours of Non Stop Listening Time. According to OnePlus the Buds will Weigh Only 4.6 Grams and the Case weighs 36 Grams. As it is Onplus Device There will be a Deep Integration Mechnisam Built between Buds and Smartphone Like Low Latency Gaming, Seamless Pairing. I think the Sound will Not Change when Connect To a Non OnePlus Smartphone.

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