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Apple has  stuck to its Retina LCD displays for its iPhones for  a long time since the launch of Iphone 4. After a long gap Apple updated the display technology, that finally appered in iPhone X . Apple continued  same technology with the new iPhone XS and XS Max devices for 2018.  Apple optimized these oled displays with new Face ID technology made iPhones to reach highest price ever in the smartphone industry.

This strategy might change with new iPhones, as Samsung is going sell its latest OLED panel, named as ‘Y-OCTA.’By the report from the ET NEWS,  this would be the first touch-integrated flexible display made from Samsung that might be placed in an Apple iPhone  next year. These new OLED panels are  manufactured by Samsung Display Unit in korea & this company  has a track record  that provided OLED panels to iPhone X, Xs, and  Xs Max ,Pixel 3xl devices. Considering the limited supply, we might expect that a one  iPhone, preferably the iPhone XI (11) variant would obtain this new display technology, next year

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Earlier this company  stated Y-OCTA brings the touch integration to the OLED displays instead of using a Touch-Sensor panel, which reduces the thickness of the display .by this Dispaly thickness of the phone & price of the device might decrease . The display can  might useful to produce the thinner Iphones, which will be releasing in 2019. A Another report from korea   reveals that LG Display unit will start the display production for one of the iphones this month. the leaks are coming from lg display , this Dispaly can feature in Iphone xs max 2019 variant. Therefore Samsung Display will manufacture the Y-OCTA OLED display for new IPhones coming in SEP 2019 . Currently, these displays appered  in Galaxy S and Note device since the launch of Galaxy Note 7.

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