New Features In Android Q 10 Beta Version

By the Entry of Android Google has changed the smartphone world. in 2008 with the entry, Android crushed the Plam OS, Web Os and other 10 types of operating systems and became the World the most usable mobile Os is Android which occupies 74.15% market share in the Smartphone Os Department. The Os which stood with the entry of Android and now giving Competition in the mobile oS department in terms of features and flexibility. That is IOS. every year Google will release Android Version upgrades to their phones to get the users updated in android versions.

Finally, the day came, Yesterday Google released their first beta version for Android Q 10.0 named letter Q to test it on their pixel phones and make bug free. This beta upgrade from Google will add some new software features that can make the user experience interesting and easy. Google took some remarkable features from different operating systems and Android custom skins. Now it is not the stable Rom; Google said we would release another 3 updates to make this Android Q 10.0 bug-free and stable. Their officials also said we would and some extra features in these updates. Let’s see the Major and essential features in Android Q 10.0. The final date of release will be in the month of August. The all Android versions are released in that month of every year. Let’s see Some Important Features of Android Q.

In Built Screen Recorder

In previous Android versions, there is no Screen Recording feature, if we want screen recording we to have depend on third party apps till now. And from Now Google solved this problem with inbuilt screen recording feature to make the Smartphone free from third-party apps and secure the data.

It is not enabled by default in the beta version. If you want to enable it you can go to settings then log on to developer options after going to feature flags and enable the Screen Recording Feature. After enabling it you have to come home screen and long press the power button to get power menu options. Once the power menu options appear on-screen tap on screenshot option which will bring go to a wired screen recorder menu. from there you can enable the microphone by a option provided there to record audio and start screen recording.

It works on pixel 1 & XL, Pixel 2 & 2XL, Pixel 3 & 3XL. But when you have to disable it, it was not cancelling by a stop button provided in notification centre. if you want to stop this feature you have to restart the phone or disable the option provided in the developer options menu.

To Enable

Settings —> Developer options —> Feature Falgs —> Enable or Disable

To Disable

From Notification Center or Restart the phone or settings —> Developer options —> Feature Flags —> Disable

WiFi Sharing:

Android Q
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In previous Android versions, there is no option to share the WiFi. There is only one option to share your network from the mobile hotspot and that utilizes your Mobile data. but now the things are changed and Google is providing WiFi Sharing option.

In Android Q 10.0 beta, Now you can share your WiFi network through your QR Code provided in the smartphone. To use that option you want to go to WiFi settings and tap on the network you have connected. Then Go to the share option and tap on the QR code. A QR code will appear on the screen. Using that QR code you can join others to your network in a single touch.

To Use the Option

WiFi Settings —> Tap on Network —> Share option —> QR code will appear


Android Q
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Google added some new features and options in the theme section that you will not find in the previous Android versions. They are 1. Change accent colour 2. Font 3. Icon shape

Change accent colour:

Here you can change the accent colour in theming and that will appear in system-wide settings. Google Included several colours like black, blue, green, purple to change the accent colour. The blue colour comes as default colour when you will first boot the phone.

Font :

Here Google introduces some new Fonts in Android Q 10.0. It is very good to see and now the user can adjust the writing as we want on the smartphone in system-wide ( this setting will appear all through the system ). Actually this is a first beta version Google may add some new fonts to this list in a stable update. this type of features we can see on the Samsung phones and other Chinese phones.

Icon shape :

Android Q
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Before if a user wants to change the style of icon packs, he wants to use a third party app or a launcher. now google worked on this feature which was not seen in the older Android versions. Google enabled this feature in Android Q 10 beta. By this, you can change the icon shapes as you like. This will also appear in system-wide which is interesting to see.

Better Security & Privacy

Considering the third-party apps in the play store. In this latest Android version, Google has concentrated on system security to safeguard user information and media. by this the security of the device becomes high and users cannot gather the data from the apps installed on it.

Location access:

in previous versions location canbe directly switch on or swith off through a single button. if you switch on the location all the apps in smartphone will use the location acess and drain the battery fast. now Here you can decide the which app has to use the location contiuesly or while using the app. If you dont need the Location for this app you can disable right from there. This option we can see in IOS operating system.

Safeguard the user data:

In Android Q 10.0 Google took some precautions to safeguard the user data. By this thing, Google has not provided access to the Photo and Video for third party apps in the background which is a big step to gain the contols over third party apps.

Dark Mode

Android Q
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All the flagship phones are providing Dark theme to the users which saves battery life of the smartphone. this feature is available in all Custom skins. Google now worked on this theme and released this thing in Android Q 10.0 beta. now, This was the most awaited feature in the Android operating system for pixel phones which run on AMOLED Displays.

Here this dark mode reduces your battery consumption and increases the battery life on the smartphone which features an AMOLED Display. if you want to enable this by turning on battery saver from battery settings which are a wired thing. This looks pretty good. After turning on the dark mode By default some apps like YouTube, files, chrome, photos, calendar, contacts will follow the Dark theme mode.

Free Form mode

Android Q
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Free form mode means, it is a one handed mode that placed in the Center of the screen in small size. This feature is not available in the previous Android versions. Now google has enabled this feature in their Android Q 10.0

We can enable this feature by going to the recent apps screen. From there swipe down to get the option for free form mode. After enabling this feature you can run this app in free form mode. You can run very fine on all apps. this feature is looking same as the one-handed feature.

Look and feel changes in Android Q 10.0

Easy Notification Access

Android Q
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Android Q
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If you tap on the notification present in the notification centre, you can see a silent option present down the notification.there is another option present in the notification bar, If you slide notification to the left side you can see the snooze controls of the notification from the particular app.

Redesign of apps

Android Q
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Google has redesigned its apps in Android Q 10.0. All the Google apps like calendar, drive, YouTube, chrome, play music, play store and all google apps are redesigned slightly to get a new look in android Q 10.0. Google has Decided the user has to feel the Experience of the Android Q 10.0 with newly desinged Apps.

Estimated battery life

in previous Android versions, we can see the estimated battery life in battery options. If you swipe down from home screen, at the right top you can see estimated battery life. This is a best feature that a user can get. By this feature a user can know how time does this smartphone runs. By that way he can reach the home an charge his device or might charge the phone with power bank.


Android Q
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in older Android versions the wallpapers are Landscapes, solid colours or animated. Now in Android Q 10.0, All the default wallpapers are designed with Q symbol to resembling the Android Q version with different colours and landscapes. we can see this clearly in the image provided above.

Support for for Foldable phones

The world is looking towards foldable phones, and this is the future of smartphones. Google has designed this Android Q, especially for foldable phones with an essential update in the battery department. So If you own a Foldable phone, you can unlock many features from the developer menu present in the settings and start using them.

Vulkan ApI For Graphics

Android Q 10.0 beta is using the Vulkan API for graphics for delivering the smooth User experience which will be useful in 3D graphics platform API. We think Google might partner with some leading games to run smoothly on Android Q 10.0. We can see this update in GDC ( Game developer conference) which will be held on March 18 to March 22 this month.

Enhanced Treble support

from a long time google is working on project Treble with some leading Mobile manufactures which will bring a 3 year android updgrages and security packages. this support is also available in Android Q.

Facial Recognition

after Apple interduced the Face-ID the face unlock became a must and should feature in every mobile from Budget to flagship. now google is implementing thier type of face unlock in Android Q beta which works well in good lighting conditions. there willbe some few updates from google to work in night conditions Also.

Short cuts for sharing

Now Google has simplified their sharing window in Android Q 10.0. By clicking on the share option, you can have a chance to go to your favourite apps and share the media from there.


1.Backup Your Device

First, back up your device without losing your personal data. you have to log on to settings and from there you have to tap on system button. there it will show the backup button. hit the backup button to backup your data and it will take a long time.

2. Enroll your device in Beta program

Google will allow to enroll in brta program by logging into your ggogle account. after enrolling, you will get a OTA update which will be like the Stable android update. just install the update and enjoy the beta update on your device.

As this a beta version, if you install this in your primary smartphone you can face many problems. If you want to install this OS you can install this in a secondary smartphone made by google or wait till August for the stable version with some extra features which will be available for all smartphones.

Share your thoughts about Android Q (10.0) in the comment section and stay tuned to Mobiradar for more interesting updates.

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