Mi Wireless Charging Power Bank Review

Xiaomi has Launched 10,000 mAh Mi Wireless charging Power bank In India. This Power Bank is Priced at INR2,499 in India Available through Mi.com, Amazon & Flipkart.


Mi Wireless charging Power bank is Build with plastic and weighs Nearly 320 Grams. This Can Fastly charge the Devices at 18W and Also Self Charge at 18W. Xiaomi has Claimed that This Power bank has a Real Out of 6000 mAh Out of 10,000 mAh.


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Build Quality : 

Mi Wireless Power Bank is Build with a Platic Frame on the side, Back & Front of the Device. it provides a good look and feel. There are no issues of creakiness with the build quality. on the Wireless charging Pad, Xiaomi has kept an Anti-Skid Material To Hold The Smartphone

Weight balance: 

Mi Wireless Power Bank feels a Bit Heavy with 10,000 mAh Li-ion battery equipped. This Powerbank Has a Weighs of 305 Grams.

Battery Performance

This Wireless Powerbank Has a Real Maximum Capacity of nearly 6000 Mah So You can charge the 4500 mAh Smartphone 1.3 Times With this Powerbank

LED Indicators

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There are 4 LED Indicators Which Show the Charge In Power Bank. In this Power Bank, There is Also a multi-colored LED To Indicate The Fast Wired charging to the Devices.

Charging Time

This Power bank Takes Roughly 3 Hours To Charge Completely With 18W Fast Charger.


This Power Bank has USB-A Port For Charging Devices & USB-C Port For Charging the Power Bank And Devices.

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