LG released a teaser with gesture control technology today. The video tag line says Goodbye Touch” & the video is totally about the gesture controls. LG is planning a new device and some other products with gesture controls named LG Premiere on 24 Feb at MWC 2019.

This is not first time for lg to tease these, they announced a experimental TV in 2013, which can be controlled by hands and fingers on an screen courser.They can bring this improved technology named as LG Premiere by lg smart display. In video company is saying “Goodbye touch”. If this technology is showcased in phones LG may use its flagship LG V40 Thinq as V30 is used for latest camera improvements at MWC 2018.

If this doesn’t happen lg may release a new g series phone named lg G8 can feature this gesture control technology. While touch control happens in smartphone department . As sales of LG are low when compared with Samsung they compete with them by new gesture control display and unique features in their new G series phone.

The reports are coming LG G8 will feature dual displays & planning to showcase a foldable smartphone at MWC . Lets see what lg unveils on 24 Feb at MWC 2019.

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