iPhone 12 Ceramic Shield Glass costs $279, Same As Replace Cost Of iPhone 11 Pro’s Glass

Apple has Used New Cremic Shield Front Glass On the iPhone 12 Series Smartphones. Apple Says that This Glass is 4x Stronger than the Glass On iPhone 11. But if you Break it, Apple Charges $279 which is Equal to Cost of iPhone 11 Pro Glass.

The new OLED Display on iPhone 12 Costs $279. This Price Has Increased By $80 when compared to iPhone 11 LCD Display.

Apple Has Listed the Repair Costs Of iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro which Costs $279. Apple Did not Mention Repair Costs and iPhone 12 Mini & iPhone 12 Pro Max. I think the iPhone 12 Pro Repair Costs & Screen Replacement will Same As iPhone 11 Pro Max.

I Think iPhone 12 Mini Repair Costs & Screen Replacement costs Will Decrease when Compared to iPhone 12. Apple Will Announce these Details when these Phones Will Go Pre-order In November.

The Other Repair Or Damage’s Like Liquid Damage for iPhone 12 Costa $449 which is $50 More Than iPhone 11 Damage Costs and iPhone 12 Pro damage Costs $549 which is Equal iPhone 11 Pro. Stay Tuned Mobiradar for Information.

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