iOS 14 Launched With Picture-in-Picture, App Clips, Home Screen Widgets

Apple has Launched iOS 14 with all new features like Widgets, Picture-in-Picture Mode, App Library, Updated Maps with Cycling Mode & Virtual keys through Carplay in WWDC Event Today. The first thing, this new iOS 14 Version will Support all iPhone’s which are Currently Running on iOS 13.

list of all devices That Will Support iOS 14:


App Library

In iOS 14 Apple’s has Implemented a new of app drawer which divides Apps by category. This App Library lies on the rightside of the home screen. This App Library contains a folder which shows the suggested apps and recently added Apps to access Quickly. After the iOS 14 Update, the screen looks with a lot of folders.

If you add the App Library then you can hide home screens of iOS 14 which looks a huge change depending on your Mood.

Screen Widgets

Home screen widgets are very Important in every Android Smartphone. In iOS 14 the Widgets will be available with amore data In Huge veriety of Sizes to check the data without opening the App.


Picture-in-Picture arrived into iOS for seeing videos and taking FaceTime calls. The function works like same as in Android.


Siri now became more compact design and powetful. the animation will present in the bottom part of the screen, and giving you cards up top. It is not a Full Screen Ui like in iOS 13. In iOS 14 got translation feature which looks the copy of Google Translate. It has complete version with instant live conversation support – which is very helpful to travel to another country.


The new Messages app can store 40% more messages when compared to iOS 13. This new version you can create groups in message and pin the important people upto your message list. as well as twice as many group messages.


Apple Maps this time has a new enhanced features which is newly available in UK, Ireland, and Canada. In this new version apple added cycling directions with elevation information. Maps also mentions EV routing stations for car with suitable charger on the go. Guides can find restaurants, popular attractions places and other recommendations based on your search.


CarPlay this time will make your iPhone your car key which uses NFC Function. This car key feature will be available with new 2021 BMW 5 series. With NFC and Carplay app on then you can tapon your iPhone to open

the door. To sart the car, place your Smartphone the wireless charging pad in the car and press the start/stop button. If you want to share the key You can do it through Message which is included with a restricted driving profile for saftey.

App Clips

In iOS 14 App Store got new App Clips, which a clone of Android Slices. These are very small parts of apps, that are fast and easy to find in the store without installing the full sized app. They also has a support with Apple Pay and Sign in with Apple too.

You can Find an App Clip by scanning a new Apple-Made App Clip code, or through the NFC tags and QR code options or greeting through having them Messages, or from Safari.

This new developer preview of iOS 14 will be available from today with a public beta version which is going to release in next month and The stable iOS 14 will be available in fall in iPhone 12 series launch. Stay tuned to MobiRadar for information.

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