Huawei Sold Honor Mobile Division Officially

Earlier a News Came that Huawei is Going to Sell Honor a Sub-Brand of Huawei. Today Huawei has Officially Confirmed that they are Selling Honor.

When US Government imposed Restrictions on “Honor telecom and Consumer & Commercial Businesses” the Sub-brand has Lost a Lot of Money so Huawei is Selling This. The First Effect on Honor is Not To access Any American Components. By this way Qualcomm has not Supplied Chipsets to Huawei & Honor. The second Shock to Huawei is Google Cancelled both Huawei & Honor license to Access Google Android Software & Apps.

Honor Brand’s came Under the Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co., Ltd and Signed an Agreement With Huawei Investment Holdings Co Ltd will Own the Honor Smartphone Division Fully.

the Agreement States that Owing of Honor will Protect the Brand Value in Users, Suppliers, Employees, Channels & Partners of Honor Smartphone Division. By the Owning Honor Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co., Ltd that the Projects of the Smartphone Company Should not Be late, so they Continued the Honor Senior Management. Stay Tuned To Mobiradar for More Information.

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