The WiFi signal range is one of the most critical considerations when constructing a wireless network. A WiFi network was designed in the first instance so the signal would penetrate and support your users sufficiently. If the signal is unreliable or absent in parts of the service area you plan to offer, you must tweak your Wi-Fi network. One of the key means of solving this issue is to raise the WiFi signal.

Why there is a need to Expand the Wi-Fi Range?

There are many reasons why you may like or need to expand the Wi-Fi range that you currently are achieving.

Bad planning — Building a Wi-Fi network without proper planning will result in poor coverage and can adversely affect the customers. Both users require access to a reliable Wi-Fi signal in order for the network to run effectively. Later in this post , we will look at how a Wi-Fi tool like NetSpot can help mitigate this sort of problem.

New specifications — This problem will emerge in a business environment where extra space is needed to house new staff. Given your best previous efforts in sizing your Wi-Fi network accurately, you now might be faced with the dilemma of finding out how to expand the Wi-Fi spectrum to handle the influx of new users.

Poor signal — This dilemma is posed to you regardless of whether the Wi-Fi network is for enterprises or only for home use. Any rooms in your house can have trouble connecting to Wi-Fi. You can skip those parts of your establishment by using the free Wi-Fi offered by your coffee shop.

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How to Expand Wi-Fi for Free

Here are several methods that may expand the Wi-Fi range and reach of your network without investing a dime.

Move the router

Simply choosing a different place for your wireless router may have a drastic effect on your Wi-Fi signal for a number of reasons. You should look for a central position that is free from physical obstructions like walls and doors if possible. Don’t hide your router in a closet or a desk drawer if you hope to know its true potential signals range.

Move the router

Try to position it as high as possible, with a line of sight to all gadgets that would be connected to it. Although this is not always entirely possible, coming as close as you can to this target will help you expand the range of your Wi-Fi router.

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Analyze the Wi-Fi network

Then you use a Wi-Fi analyzer such as NetSpot you may survey your own network as well as other networks whose signals can interfere with yours. It is a fact of life when working with wireless networks that their signals can create problems with other, nearby Wi-Fi installations. You will be able to determine that you are vying for the same channel with your neighbor ‘s router. Moving your router to allow use of a separate channel will expand your Wi-Fi signal and increase efficiency across the network.

Analyze the Wi-Fi network

Update the router’s firmware

Holding your device’s firmware updated will help you receive the strongest Wi-Fi signal that the router can produce. Based on the vendor there are various approaches that need to be used to upgrade the firmware. Any routers can be programmed to automatically upgrade the firmware. If your router is in that line, it is highly advised that you take advantage of the auto updates.

Switch router frequencies

Dual frequency routers give you the option of 5.0GHz and 2.4GHz frequencies. You might find that switching to the 5.0GHz band increases your WiFi coverage as it would incur less interference from other electronic devices because the frequency is used less frequently.

How to expand the WiFi spectrum to a separate router or other unit?

It might be time to think about buying new gadgets to boost your Wi-Fi coverage if you have used the free methods of expanding your Wi-Fi spectrum in vain. You will do this in many different ways. Here are three ways to pick from.

Take another path

A second router can be used in your coverage area to help hit dead spots via WiFi. In some situations, all devices would have to be attached to a cable, but there are wireless settings that can be made. Basically, you use the second router to capture and transfer the WIFI signal to sections of your home or workplace which are previously unattainable.

Using an Extender

A WiFi extender or booster also picks up the initial signal and repeats it to expand the reach in the same way as a second router. They are available in a number of types, including extensions that easily plug in into a nearby wall to address Wi-Fi problems. For instance, Linksys Extender Setup is the best New extender setup system for extending wireless range. 

A mesh network 

A mesh network could be used to replace the conventional wireless Internet setup that occurs at present by large wireless networks. They are built to cover areas over 1,000 m2 in a single building or multi-story building. Mesh networks can be quickly programmed and have design resilience since any base station is called a node.

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