How to clean laptop Step by Step Guide

Caring for laptops is the key to keeping them in top condition for the longest time possible. If you want to learn how to clean a laptop safely and efficiently, without damaging any of its delicate components, you will benefit from our in-depth and comprehensive guide created especially for you.

Step 1 – The Right Supplies

First, you will need to invest in cleaning wipes that can be used safely on these types of electronic equipment. You have to buy some microfiber wipes. You can usually find them at department stores or auto supply stores.s

In addition, obtain dry gas bombs, specially designed for cleaning computer equipment. Also, take a bottle of cleaning chemicals , with a concentration of eighty percent or more. This is generally available for less than 20 euros. You will also need an alcohol-free window cleaner.

You must operate in a well-lit room.

Step 2- Prepare your laptop

Cleaning your laptop will take a little preparation. The best way to start is to turn off the device completely and unplug it. Then remove the battery (if it is accessible).

In case you were able to remove the battery, press the power button on your device two or three times to make sure the excess power is removed. Finally, place your computer on a clean towel to prevent it from getting scratched while you are working on it.

Before starting

Before we start, we need to add a disclaimer. Our advice, effective for cleaning laptops, must be followed to the letter, with the right products. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused during the cleaning process.

Remove dust and dirt from cooling elements

The cooling system of a Laptop PC needs cleaning from time to time to function properly. Laptops are cooled by air which cools the components by removing heat from around them. One element found in laptops is the fan, which directs hot air away from the computer.

Dust can accumulate in the fan and its heat sink. This dust can affect its operation. Dust that collects in fan blades or inside heat sinks in the computer chassis will diminish the cooling role of these components.

In order to remove this type of dust from the fan, you will need to blow it out with your dry gas canister.

Tips for using dry gas

Using the dry gas canister to clean a laptop is always done in an upright position. Expel some gas before blowing towards your computer, then use the bomb towards the vents of your laptop pc. You can also blow the input of usb ports for example.

This cleaning procedure should be carried out with care. If possible, try to block your computer’s fan so that it does not spin with air pressure. You can block it with a fine needle, for example, if it is accessible. In any case, you must make sure after having done this operation, that your fan turns freely when you restart the pc. Indeed, if you have taken off too large a pile of dust, it may have positioned itself in such a way that it prevents the fan from rotating freely. To check.

Step 3 – Clean your keyboard

Cleaning a laptop keyboard usually requires a few steps and we’ll talk about them.

First, use the dry gas bomb to scatter a lot of dirt and dust from the areas around the keys. If you use your device a lot, you probably already know that things get stuck in it easily. Dry gas gets rid of it quickly. Just keep the bomb as straight as possible and use the straw that came with it to properly direct the air.

Next, disinfect the keyboard using isopropyl alcohol and one of your towels. As we stated earlier, the towel should be microfiber. Pour a little alcohol on the clean towel, then gently clean the entire keyboard. Try not to get the fabric caught in the keys, as they are fragile. Once the towel stops getting dirty when you run it over the keyboard, you’re done with this step!

Step 4 – Clean your laptop screen

The third step when cleaning your laptop will be to clean your computer screen to remove dust and fingerprints. This step will require the use of a second microfiber wipe. However, you won’t need alcohol this time around. Lightly spray the wipe with a window cleaning product (alcohol-free). Gently wipe the wipe over the entire surface of your screen without pressing. This operation is delicate, we insist on not pressing. If a trace is persistent, instead of pressing, re-moisten your wipe and iron gently until the mark disappears.


You know the dos and don’ts of cleaning your laptop. The most important part is cleaning the ventilation. If you don’t feel able to do it yourself, contact your brand support team, they can help you

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