Google Stadia Will Work On Major Android phones From Now

Google Has Launched a gaming Cloud platform named Stadia Last Year. Now, Google is Launching experimental support for more smartphones to play Through the Stadia app. If You have Stadia app up and running, You Need to Go to the Experiments tab in the Stadia App settings. Then You Will See “Play on this device” option. Up to Now Google Didn’t add Any Devices to the List.

Oneplus has Announced That From Oneplus 5 to Oneplus 8 Pro All Smartphones Will support by Stadia Gaming PlatForm Through App.

Another Feature Named on-screen touch controls for Stadia gamers which allow you to play the Games without having Stadia Controller.

Now Google Stadia is available Only in 14 countries, Like US, UK, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain & Sweden. In Upcoming Time Google is Going to expand Stadia to more devices and regions.

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