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the head set  is small and  comfortable-to-wear. they are  totally wireless earphone that features improved battery life and a small charging case than its predecessor model’s. They fit perfecttly and  sound is decent from these type of headphone which  have touch controls and some extra fitness-oriented features. Charging case charges via USB-C port  and has a quick-charge mode that is used in galaxy smartphones.

The Bad  thing is Some of the features will work with iOS devices; touch controls are a bit hard or miss.

At the   Bottom Line Samsung has improved the second-gen Gear Icon X to become one of the better  wireless headphones,for Galaxy phone owners.

The Gear Icon X 2018 is available in three color options Like blue ,red ,black.

Samsung beat Apple and unveiled the first “truly wireless” headphones  in June 2016, six months before the  AirPods.  Samsung’s  Gear IconX headphones features  a  heart-rate sensor for heart rate monitoring, too. But those first-gen models had a huge drawback: Battery life was not even 90 minutes  with  the included charging  case.

Gear Icon X
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For the second-gen Gear IconX 2018 ,Samsung has removed  the heart-rate monitor not just for improving the battery life and  it made the headphones more  smaller and more comfortable than first gen Gear icon X, still  the Airpods are better, but the IconX is now gives very tough competion to the airpods & bose sound sport headphones, especially for owners of Galaxy phones who can take full advantage of its new features.

The new IconX measures 21.8 * 18.9 * 22.8 mm, its was a lot smaller. With the extra  space, Samsung was able to place 82mAh battery which is double the capacity of the older gen gear icon x .

Samsung also reduced the  size of charging case, which has a 340mAh battery vs. the 315mAh battery found in the old gen icon x charging case.

The IconX 2018 can serve  as everyday headphones and sports headphones, whether you’re  at the gym or running outside . These headphones will have a noise-isolating design let you fit  the tips into your ears . there’s is also an Ambient Sound mode that makes  you hear the outside noises, and it is a  good safety feature for runners. 

Gear Icon X
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You can access this mode from the earphones’ touch controls or by phone . You  have a feature to tap on a bud for  pause or play music and double-tap for  tracks forward. Tap and hold  you call the  Google Assistant or  Siri or Bixby assistant, or to go through a few other audio options menu options.

ike the old gen gear icon X , these headphones work fine with apple devices for listening  music via Bluetooth and taking calls, but they are  designed only  for  Samsung phones & other Android devices that are  running  above Android 4.4 .

Big boost in battery life

The Icon X 2018 will  support  5 hours of battery life when the  streaming audio from a phone, and the battery case — itself chargeable with the included USB-C  cable is good thing — can deliver nearly a full recharge to the buds. this earphones has quick charge feature that provides you about an hour of battery life just in  10 minutes of charging in the case.

You get an extra battery life from playback time in “standalone” mode, Android users can load digital music files to the internal storage (4GB). It’s great for a quick jogging.

Another plus point  for runners: the Running Coach feature, which provides the feedback on your progress. The battery will not drain a little faster in one of the buds , leaving you with about 30 minutes less than battery life in that bud.

Gear Icon X
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Surprisingly good sound (9/10)

perfectly fit (10/10)

IPX2 sweat-proof ( 7/10)


Battery life (9/10)

Clunky case (8/10)

Touch-sensitive playback controls suck (7/10)

Over All Rating  (8/10)

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