Fitbit Versa review

An affordable alternative smartwatch to the Ionic smartwatch and even the Apple Watch

Design and display

New,easily  more accessible ‘square’ design with rounded edges.

Brilliantly bright , clear & crisp display

Lightweight and comfortable

For the Versa werable, Fitbit has not just updated the design of  its previous or existing wearables; to this watch fitbit gave it a completely fresh look and  perhaps  seems to be more to  Pebble-like and Apple Watch.It equipped a new design  that what Fitbit is calling as ‘Squircle’ watch face design and that is, a square face with rounded edges .Despite its  design language, the Versa is a more handsome and friendly-looking werable than many of its  predecerors, except the Ionic.

its  anodized aluminum body and slightly tapered & angled design  makes the lightest smartwatch yet.The Versa is not only aesthetically pleasing, but its one of the most comfortable smartwatches from .  

it has some handy features like reply to a messgae with some preloaded sentences & have a option to accept the call with only bluetooth headest when the phone is near or reject the call.

in this smart watch there is no LTE variant (or) GPS variant 

Fitbit Versa
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The Versa features a wake-up or back button on the left-hand side & two smaller pause or finish workout buttons on the right of the wearable.On the left-hand side of Versa is equipped with one main wake-up or back button. These are easy  to press and used to work perfectly while using the wearable for both exercise and day-to-day wear.The traditional watch-style is super easy to fasten and release the strap, while retaining a excellent grip during heavy workouts.

As with the predecessor ionic, these straps are a interchangeable with many types of different colored straps ike  metal, fabric or silicon versions in case you want to change the watch look entirely.

As for the this watch’s display, it’s a very vibrant, colorful touchscreen with a adjustable brightness up to 1,000 nits. This means you can use the watch   even in direct sunlight or underwater and it’s easily visible.

Touch commands also seem to be much improved from the Ionic, which has  a little latency. Now commands seem to be fluid and uninterrupted after a firmware update.

Fitbit Versa
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Lightweight & simplistic design with rounded edges

the most customizable wearable drom fitbit

Relatively low price


Rounded design will not suit everyone

Battery life  is not as good as Ionic

No GPS positioning

Fitbit Versa at Amazon India for ₹17769

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