Facebook Messenger & Instagram Got Vanish Mode In Chat Box

in this Month Recently WhatsApp has Enabled Disappearing images In Chat. Today Messenger & Instagram has Also Enabled Vanish Mode In Chat which will Clear All Messages In the Chat window.

Vanish Mode can be Activated by Swiping from the Bottom of the Chat. If the Message is sent that will Stay on the Screen Until it was Turned off or Switched to Another App. You Can Also Screen Shot the Messages Before.it Vanishes.

A New Feature Will Work in the Group Chats & Personal Conersations. If you Used the Vanish Mode and Deleted all Messages Then You can Restore them With in 14 Days. After these Messages are Permently Deleted.

By Having this feature there is Also a Secret Conversation in the Messenger. Instagram also has the Same Feature. Now the Photos can Be sent & Set up to Disappear Once you have Seen but Will Not present Any Thing on Messages befor You Unsend those Messages. Stay Tuned To Mobiradar For More Information.

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