Caviar Pays Salute To Apple I Computer With A Custom iPhone 12 Series

Everyone today is familiar with the sleek iPhones and all-aluminum Macs, but how many remember Apple’s first product – the Apple I? The computer was designed and hand-built by Steve Wozniak and it has a very DIY look. Of course, back then Apple Computer Inc was headquartered in the garage of Steve Jobs’ parents.

At Present World Knows the Design Language of Apple Products like iPhones, iPads & MacBooks. This Journey of Apple Products has Started with Apple One. The First Computer from Apple Which was Hand Built and Designed By Apple.

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Apple has Produced these Apple One Computer’s From April 11 1976 and Ended 43 Years ago on September 30 1977 . In the Span of this Time Apple has Produced 200 Units of Apple. To Celebrate the Apple One Moment, Caviar has Decided to Launch iPhone 12 Pro & iPhone 12 Pro Max with Special Editions.

There are 2 Options in Special Editions, Apple One Starts at $10,000 which Features a Titanium Screen and a Piece of Mother Board on Rear Side of the Smartphone with “Hello World” Printed On it. This motherboard was Taken from Original Apple One computer. These are Attached to a Wooden Back and Hand Written Apple On Top which is Based On the Engraved of Apple One Computer

And the Affordable Model Costs $5000.which Features a Same Wooden Back with Apple Hand Written. Here we can See a Green Small Piece of Motherboard On top of it.

Caviar Says that Apple One iPhone 12 Models Available in Limited Quantities. There will Be 9 Apple One Units and 49 Small Chip Versions. Stay tuned to MobiRadar for More Information.

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