Blackshark 2 Review

Xiaomi launched a premium Gaming Flagship smartphone Named Blackshark 2. This Blackshark 2 SmartPhone on 18 March 2019.

Xiaomi Released Blackshark Phone in 6 / 8 12 GB Ram Models and 128 / 256 GB Internal Storage Model. when I’m using Blackshark Phone, I got a premium feeling when holding in the hand with a Dual Camera on the rear and single camera setup and Beautiful Display on the front makes this Smartphone a true Gaming beast. Coming to Display Department Xiaomi Blackshark Phone uses Samsung’s Full HD AMOLED screen which is good to see. it shares some features of Latest Flagships.

Blackshark 2 SmartPhone features the Snapdragon chip from Qualcomm named SD 855 which is available on Mi9, S10 US Models too. this chip is made of 10nm LPP (Low Power Plus) FinFet process. this processor is divided into 3 parts; the first part features 3 x A76 High power cores which are clocked at 2.42GHz, second part features 4 x A55 high powered cores which are clocked at 1.8GHz and Thind Part consists of an A76 Single core which is clocked at 2.84GHZ. it has Adreno 640 GPU which increases its work by 20% compared to SD 845 the last Flagship processor from Qualcomm. it has an X24 LTE Modem which has Download and Uploads speeds of 2000 & 316MBPS. Coming to the AI Department it does not have Ai built in the processor, it has Ai Optimizations which helps in AI Capabilities.

Blackshark 2 SmartPhone has a Dual Camera setup the on the rear and a single Camera on the front which comprises a 12MP + 8MP F/1.8 sensors in that 1 sensor are color and 1 sensor is Monochrome and an 8MP F/2.0 Front camera user takes normal, ultrawide angle and portrait images from front and back.

I will divide the review into pros & cons. let’s see quick specs of  
Blackshark 2 SmartPhone and Jump into the review.

Blackshark 2 SmartPhone

  • 6.39″ Full HD+ SAMOLED display with 19.5:9 Aspect ratio
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Octa Core CPU
  • Adreno 640 GPU
  • 6 / 8 / 12 GB RAM
  • Nano Sim / Nano Hybrid
  • 128 / 256 GB Internal Storage
  • 48MP F/1.75 (primary) + 13MP F/1.75
  • 20MP F/2.2 Selfie camera
  • Android 9 Pie with MIUI 10 on top
  • Dual 4G Volte
  • 3300 mAH battery with 27W fast charging support
  • 20W Wireless charging support
  • In-display Fingerprint scanning
  • Liquid Cooling System 3.0
  • Wifi / Bluetooth 5.0 LE / Dual GPS
  • 3.5mm Jack / USB Type-C / NFC

6″ FULL HD AMoled screen :

here in Display Department  Blackshark 2 SmartPhone, Features an Excellent FULL HD+ 18:9 AMOLED panel screen with 403 pixels per inch, the colors are vibrant and excellent, viewing angles are perfect. There are No issues & problems with screen quality. It is very bright to see in direct sunlight. This Display is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5

Stereo Speakers and 3.5MM Jack:

 In Blackshark 2 SmartPhone, Asus Used their Stereo Speaker System with Dolby DTS which loud as Stereo Speaker System, but it does the job very well in indoor Conditions. it is Sound’s equally when compared to ROG Phone. these speakers are supported Smart Amp Which is an amplifier to Amplify the sound which helps to get clear sound output from the mobile speaker.

Coming to USB-C and earphones, the USB-C port was equipped with UHQ 24-Bit encoder which provides a punchy and clear sound. there are no headphones in the Box.

Build Quality : 

Blackshark 2 SmartPhone is Build with a 6000 Aluminium frame on side and Gorilla Glass 6 on front and back of the device is protected with Corning Gorilla glass 5 like OnePlus 6t. it provides a good look and feels Because it is made with 6000 Series Aluminium and Glass. There are no issues of creakiness with build quality. It is well built with an 18:9 Aspect ratio and the bezels are shrunk down to place a Almost 6″ AMOLED screen.

In Display fingerprint scanner: 

Blackshark 2 SmartPhone Features an In Display fingerprint sensor. By looks, it is so Small to see but, very fast and very accurate to recognize the fingerprint of the user. This placement of this sensor is on the Rear bottom Side of the phone.

Face unlocking:

Blackshark 2 SmartPhone Uses the face unlock with its 20MP RGB Camera. the face unlocking is Quite fast and Secure. it works in the pitch dark conditions with medium Amount of light from the AMOLED Panel.

Weight balance: 

Blackshark 2 SmartPhone weighs 200 Grams, it feels Heavy with 6″ Screen and 4000 mAh battery equipped. This Blackshark 2 SmartPhone can be used by one hand. The weight balance is done very well on the device. After using a Week You will notice that.

Battery life:

 My Blackshark 2 SmartPhone lasted a Full Working day with heavy usage and at the end of the day, I had 23% of charge left in the phone which is good for a 4000 mAH Battery. The ideal drain of Blackshark 2 SmartPhone is very low as other Latest Gaming Flagships like ROG and Red magic Smartphones. the Quick charge 4+ makes a difference and charges the phone in 95 min which is good.

Android 9 Pie Operating System :

Android 9 Pie present on the Blackshark SmartPhone Pureview is very fast & so fluid, No lags were noticed. It has no bloatware like Pixel Devices. There are some extra features like Inbuilt Face Unlock System, Direct video calling feature, Always on Display, Perfect Gaming Mode makes this Android 9 Pie OS special for Blackshark 2 SmartPhone. there are some Battery Optimizations Present on Android 9 pie makes Blackshark 2 SmartPhone last longer.


My Blackshark 2 SmartPhone managed to do day to day tasks very well like the lastest Flagships. there are No issues and problems with the Operating system and there are no heating issues with Blackshark 2 SmartPhone .

Ram Management : 

Ram Management is done very well on this Blackshark 2 SmartPhone. It features 6 GB LPDDR4X Ram and I did not notice any lags with the device and there are no reloading of apps on this Blackshark 2 SmartPhone. Multitasking experience is nice.

Coming to Gaming, we played Asphalt 9 & PUBG at highest graphics setting without lags & frame drops in the game.  Snapdragon 855 Processor is very suitable for heavy gaming.

the Game Mode helps a bit in gaming with out any Distractions of Notifiactions from differnt Apps

Call Quality :

the Call quality on Blackshark 2 SmartPhone is very good and there are no issues with cellular call quality on Volte. we have taken long calls in a day and the other party doesn’t complain. the earpiece is included on the front side & its very loud. the Voice Calls From speaker is also Good and Clear. 


Coming to the Camera Department, Blackshark 2 SmartPhone features a Dual Camera setup on the back of the device and a single camera on the front of the device. this Camera system works perfectly in Blackshark 2 SmartPhone. let’s divide the cameras and look at the performance of them

Dual Camera system: 

Blackshark 2 SmartPhone takes good quality photos in daylight and low light conditions. The images have good clarity and exposure levels are under control. When you take images in very low light conditions the images come a bit dark. though it is a Gaming phone we cannot expect More Camera Performance.

Video recording can be done up to 4k @ 60fps .the video footage has good Colours with great sharpness and decent dynamic range. Optical image Stabilization is good in 4k @ 60fps And Good, Doing the job in 1080p @ 30fps FHD recording.

Selfie camera :

 ROG Phone features a 20MP selfie camera with large 1.22 μm pixel size and 80˚ field of view. it has a fixed aperture of F/2.0. Picture quality is good. Photos are well detailed and contain a decent dynamic range.

Front Selfie camera can record Video at 1080p @ 30fps which is good and a bit wide with EIS On which is good.

This single camera can be used to take portraits images from the front with the Help of Artifical Intelligence.I

Coloured Blackshark LOGO and LED Strips:

Blackshark 2

We can see the colored Rog Logo on back and LED Strips on right and left side on this gaming smartphone which looks cool and interesting. this used to define the true Hardcore gamer.

Direct Touch Liquid Cooling 3.0 System:

Asus has implemented a powerful cooling system from inside. Here the internal Cooling system Works Perfectly which gives power to processor By reducing heat through Vapour chamber.

Wide range of Accessories:

Blackshark 2

Asus Released Wide range of accessories for
Blackshark 2 SmartPhone for Perfect gaming and Other tasks to carry on. The accessories are named as Gamepad 2.0 and Blackshark case.


Pictures Has A bit Noise in Low light and Night Conditions

Slow Android Version Updates. Xiaomi Need to Release the New Version Upgrades Fastthiso this Premium gaming Smartphone.


Who can Get Blackshark 2 SmartPhone view: 
if you want a True Gaming Phone with Whopping AMOLED Full HD+ screen, with SD 855 processor then you can go with Blackshark 2 SmartPhone .

If you want good gaming smartphone at premium cost you go to ROG Phone or if you want a good AMOLED Screen with 855 Processor triple camera setup then you can go with other new Flagships like S10 plus, LG Thinq Devices.

If you are using Blackshark 2 SmartPhone then Share your experiences with us in the comment section below and Stay tuned to MobiRadar for more Reviews like this.

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