BlackBerry Wireless Charger Launched In @ 2499 Indian Rupees

A Famous qwerty keypad smartphone manufacturer known as blackberry is releasing some device in the Indian market to sustain the Indian market. Now with this strategy company released their new wireless charger through a company distributor named optiemus Infracom in India which is priced at 2,499 Indian rupees.

This wireless charging device has a large blackberry branding on the Center of the device and this device has also a USB-C port to take power from the socket. This wireless charger come with non slipery rough surface to charge the device with some grip. Blackberry claims to that this charger will charge the device up to 25% in 60 Min, Which has a output power rating of 5W.

This type of charging speed is available in all normal wireless chargers. there is a multicoloured led light which says that the device is charging. Thank god blackberry did not equip Micro USB and placing multicoloured led in this charger. This wireless charger will work with all Qi enabled devices which include Android, IOS operating system

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