Apple Watch Series 4 Review:

The Apple Watch Series 4 is the best smartwatch that you can buy right now.

When the series 1 watch launched in 2015, it was so costliest accessory for Iphone . The optical heart rate sensor placed at bottom of the watch ,will give alerts when you have a high or low high heart rate , giving information to consult a Doctor for medical treatment. by this The watch’s potential became clear.
Apple improves this thing with their new Series 4. The newest watch is the usual upgrade to series 3 with a bigger display, thinner case, new faster processor, more advanced sensors for tracking activies and heart rate.

It’s perfect but it has some cons. But It’s also expensive: The smartwatch starts at $399 for GPS model, & $499 for cellular connectivity.

Display: Bigger, brighter, exponentially better
In this watch Apple removed the thick bezels around the display of the watch which brought the screen nearly to the edge making a bezel less watch.

Both Series 4 models have slightly bigger dispaly than their predecessors . This makes a huge improvement in the watch. The basic 40mm model have OLED screen of resolution 394×324, compared to the predecessor’s 38mm Series 3’s 340×272 display, and the 44mm model’s has a resolution 448×368 vs the 390×312 OLED panel in the 42mm Series 3. Now The basic Series 4’s display is bigger than the Series 3.
The display can hit 1,000 nits brightness . Now Icons are more larger and detailed. this makes more easy to read notifications quickly. Even in sunlight, I can see all the icons in one watch fACE. In this watch Apple has introduced new watch faces to take advantage of the large screen. . These watch faces are also available on the Series 3, but they has circle shaped surrounding the dial
But now that I’ve been used with it for a few days, I’m used to the new size, which is actually bigger.

Health: Medical advice on your wrist
The Series 4 is step towards making the Apple Watch is a must-have device if u have a iphone. Apple received certificate clearence from U.S. Food and Drug Administration for two new awesome game-changing features:

  1. ECG app is capable of taking electrocardiograms on the go, and it has a atrial fibrillation feature that alerts you when you have five irregular heart beats . The atrial fibrillation feature will be available on any apple watch that on running watchOS 5.The ECG is exclusive to Series 4, because it depends on the electrodes that are running through the sapphire crystal & ceramic back and Digital Crown is used to take the reading.
    2.Another awesome health feature is fall detection, is available out of the box to . i think, you will not need to. The Series 4 features an upgraded accelerometer and gyroscope that will sense when you fall forward or backward and can measure impact to determine if you’ve fallen suddenly.

Performance: This watch has some snap
The new Apple Watch has a improved order of magnitude when it comes to performance. before three years ago, the Series 0 depended completely on your iPhone for every interaction and task and took ages to load . The Series 4 is fastest by comparison, thanks to the fourth-genration S4 watch processor.

Both models are very quick when compared to smartwatches that running on Google’s Wear OS and its new Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 chip exclusive for watches. That will change soon with the upcoming new Snapdragon 3100 CPU and NPU for AI, but Apple is will be a step ahead when it comes to smartwatch processor’s & processing power they provide.

Siri: A assistant
The Apple Watch equipped with Siri around, for that you have to press the Digital Crown, which is slow to launch the assistant, or you have to scream “Hey Siri” command, which is a little weird when you are out in public with others. its improved and now lets you call Siri just by raising your wrist and . this feature is implemented because a its was ahandy feature though.

Now Siri will provide weather forecast or sending a off a text to my husband with the interaction of smartwatch is made quick and easy.

The new watch’s speaker is louder enough than the past generation speaker, and it’s noticeable too
watchOS 5: Meaningful updates
The newest version of watchOS is euipped with features that will make every Apple Watch to stand a forward and much more useful.The Series 4 is an awesome , excellent & accurate fitness tracker, has made even better by watchOS updates that let you challenge your friends to activity competitions, and can track automatically your exercise without launching a workout.

GPS or Cellular: Worth the premium price?
the cellular connectivity of Apple Watch will evaluate it and you will not need a Iphone for calling. if the Facetime arrives to apple watch then it will be a magic

Apple has improved has the cellular reception on the Series 4, so you’ll get better service in rural areas also.
But now the price of a brand new Apple Watch has raised to $399, and LTE model starts at $499 not including a data plan, the price is too high for what you get. I will recommend the GPS model for normal usage. if you want to spend more for LTE , you can do it.

Battery life: Unchanged
The Apple Watch Series 4 lasts about 24 hours on a single charge. Apple claims that it can last 18 hours on a single charge, but it can easily pass through an entire day. That will be better than my iPhone,
Apple reduced up the battery size in the Series 4, and euipped a power efficient processor .

Bottom line
The Series 4 is not perfect. The Apple Watch will be getting 18-hour battery life . And many people will say that they would love an Apple Watch but they drop off by the due to the rounded square design that Apple is provides since the beginning.

a huge, beautiful display
Advanced health monitoring sensors
Faster processing power than its predecessor
Useful – -> Raise to Speak Siri

ECG app not available out of the box
very Expensive

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