Apple Watch SE Users In South Korea Reported Some Overheating Issues With their Units On Reddit

In South Korea 6 Apple Watch SE Users Posted On Reddit That there are Overheating Issues with their Watches. The Users are Saying While Over heating Watch SE Display Turns Yellows.

Apple Insider Has Reported that the over Heating Issues are Appearing Above the Display Connector or Area Between Taptic Engine & Digital Crown. This Information was Estimated by Previous Apple Watch Teardown’s.

Some users Found that Overheating is happening While the Watch is on Charger. Some Users found a Burning Sensation while Wearing On Wrist. Out of this Six Users, Three Users have Got refund and the Other three users are waiting for the response from Apple.

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We Think This issue is happening in Watch SE Models which are Made for South Korean Market. Stay Tuned to Mobiradar For Information.

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