Apple One Is Offical With Music, Arcade, TV+ & iCloud at $14.95 / Month

There is a Roumer that All The Apple Subscription Services Will Come Into One Plan, Now it Clear. Apple Has Announced Apple One with all The Services in One Price. This Plan Will Be In the Coming Fall.

There is 2 Apple One Plans For Consumers. Consumers who Want a Separate plan, They can Choose individual Version and Consumers Who Want To Enjoy with their Family They Can Choose Family Version.

This Apple One Included Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade & 50GB of iCloud Storage at $14.95 / Month (individual Version). In Family Version you Will All Above Subscriptions & 200GB of iCloud Data at $19.95 / Month which can be Sharable upto 6 Family Members.

Apple One Premiere Provides Apple Music. TV+ Arcade, News+, Fitness+ & 3TB of iCloud Data for $29.95 / Month. this plan can be Sharable to 6 Family Members. This Premiere Plan will Be Available in Australia, UK, Cannada, US Only. Apple One Individual & Family Plans are Available in Over 100 Countries.

You will Get a 30- day Free Trail for Apple One and Test it if do not have Any Other Subscriptions. If you pay for Apple One Subscription through your Apple Card Will get 3% Instant Cash Back.

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