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Apple launched their three new smart battery cases for its 2018 iPhones. Apple has launched its first battery case for the iPhone 6/iPhone 6s to give more power to their phone by a case

These cases are available in black or white and can be used for the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR. They are designed add additional battery life to phone and also make the phone a bit thicker & heavier. They will also work with wireless chargers, so you can charge them by droping on a wireless charging pad .

Apple claims that the iPhone XS case offers up to 21 hours of browsing use or 25 hours of video playback, the iPhone XS Max case offers up to 20 hours of browsing or offer’s 25 hours of video playback, and the iPhone XR case offers up to 22 hours of browsing use or 27 hours of video playback.

The cases can be ordered now through their website and will be available in stores from January 18 Globally.

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