Apple Launched Airpods 2 With Qi Wireless Charging Case

Apple Launched Airpods wireless earbuds in 2016 along with iPhone 7. they did not upgrade the Airp[ods lineup till now. But when the launch of iPhone x apple announced airpods with wireless charging case with airpower and iPhone x. Now they have launched the sec-gen airpods into the market. It was placed in a price tag of $199 for new gen airpods, $159 for normal second gen airpods; apple sells wireless charging case for old airpods for $79. This airpods are coming with wireless charging with a new custom chip named H1 which offers 53% more battery life than older Airpods. This airpods also brings “Hey Siri” support. You can also make a call or send a Message through “Hey Siri” voice assistant. The H1 Chip makes the connection faster and stable for Airpods 2. Airpods 2 can be chargeable through Apple’s Custom lighting port or Qi wireless chargers like Samsung Galaxy Buds. let’s see the specs of Airpods 2

Apple Airpods

  • 5MM Free Edge Driver Unit
  • Bluetooth 5.0 wireless transmission
  • The Active Noise Cancellation feature
  • 150 hours of stand by time
  • 15 hours of continuous playback
  • Voice prompts are present
  • Alexa & Google Assistant Compatible
  • Range: 30 feet
  • Full charge time: less than 1 Hour with Lighting port


Airpods 2 with wireless charging case is priced at $199 which Approximately 13,745 Indian Rupees

Standard Airpods 2 is priced at $149 which is 10,292 Indian Rupees

Wireless charging case for older airpods $79 which is4,460 Indian Rupees


Gone sale in US from March 20

No information about India

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