Apple IS Planning To Bring 2020 iPhones With Qualcomm 5G Modems

The Legal Issues and Cases Are Finally Ended Between Apple and Qualcomm. this Situation Continued 2 long years and Apple Suffered a lot of Dueto Qualcomm. They Ended the All these and Signed a Six-year Long Agreement to Work With Each Other. By this agreement, Apple might launch 2020 iPhones on 5G Network with Qualcomm Modems. Intel also Agreed that we are not making Any 5G Chips any more.

The reason why Apple went with QUALCOMM modems is Intel cannot produce As many chips as Apple Wanted. They will be a Bit slow When Compared to Qualcomm Chips. Qualcomm is also supplying X50 and X55 5G Chips to the Android manufacturer’s and Became a Leading Chip maker in 5G Modems. We can find X50 Chips in all Smartphones Belong to Leading manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Oneplus.

another report says Apple is not releasing the 5G iPhones this year. Because there will no sense to bring Slower Modems on iPhones to Compete with Samsung and Huawei. So they are Releasing 5G Phone in 2020 with Qualcomm Modem. we have to see how Apple Survive in 5G Battle in 2020.

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