Apple iPod Touch 7th Gen Review

Apple launched their budget iOS Device named iPod Touch serie. This New iPod Touch Series was released in Globally in the US on 28 May 2019.

when I’m using iPod Touch I felt it is good in the hand and had a Single-Camera Setup on front and back and features a HD+ IPS LCD screen. but is also has the DNA of iPhones.

it features the Apple A10 Fusion Chip which ifrom Qualcomm named 675 which is available on iPhone 7 Series. this chip is made of 16nm LPP (Low Power Plus) FinFet process. this processor is divided into 2 parts; the first part features 2 low power cores which are clocked at 1.7GHz, second part features 2 x Hurricane high powered cores which are clocked at 2.34GHz. it has PowerVR Series 7XT GT7600 Plus GPU which increases its work by 30% compared to Apple A9 the last processor from Apple in 2015 it has an X12 LTE Modem which has Download and Uploads speeds of 600 & 150MBPS.

This iPod Touch has a Single-Camera setup which comprises a 8MP Sensor and 1.2MP sensor for Selfies. this Smartphone has AI integrated into Software makes the User take Good Pictures in Daylight and Low Light Conditions.

I will divide the review into pros & cons. let’s see quick specs of iPod Touch and Jump into the Review

iPod Touch Specs:

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  • 4″ Retina display
  • Apple A10 Fusion Chip with M10 Motion Co-Processor
  • PowerVR 7XT GT7600 Plus GPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Nano Sim / Nano Hybrid
  • 64 / 128 / 256 GB Internal Storage
  • 8MP f/2.2 Rear Camera
  • 1.2MP F/2.2 Selfie camera
  • iOS 12
  • Dual 4G Volte
  • 1650 mAH battery with 10W fast charging support
  • Wifi / Bluetooth 4.1 LE / GPS
  • 3.5mm Jack/ lighting port


4″ HD+ IPS LCD screen :

Here in the Display Department iPod Touch Features an HD+ IPS LCD panel 16:9 screen with 326 pixels per inch, the color reproduction from IPS LCD Panel is good and Colours are vibrant and enjoyable, viewing angles are also a bit good. We cannot expect the Viewing Angles of the device equal to iPhone SE. There are No issues & problems with screen quality iPod Touch. it is bright to see in direct sunlight Like iPhone SE.

Single Speakers and Headphone Jack:

In ipod Touch Apple Used their traditional Single Speaker System which were is loud and Equal to their 2015 iPhones. these Speaker does not have support to Dolby Atmos Or Smart Amp but the sound output is good and Produce accurate Sounds.

Coming to Headphone jack and earphones, In terms Of Headphone Audio, iPod Touch and iPhones are Equal. the headphone jack provided with an Optimized and clear sound without any Software Support like Dolby Audio and OZO Audio and it is direct Copy of iPhones With Headphone jack. the Pixel headphones are present in the Box Which a Good Experience While Listening Music. Apple Has Done a Good job By Providing 3.5mm Headphone Jack and Earphones.

Build Quality : 

 Pixel 3A XL is Build with an Plastic frame on side and back and front of the device is protected with Dragon Tail Glass. it provides a good look and feels a bit Cheap Because it is made with Plastic body and Polycarbonate Frame. Through this iPod Touch was Build with Polycarbonate Frame and Plastic Back there are no issues of creakiness with build quality.

Weight balance:  

ipod Touch feels very light with 4” Screen and 1680mAh battery equipped because of Plastic Frame. This ipod Touch can be used by one hand.

Battery life:

 My iPod Touch lasted a Full day with heavy usage and at the end of the day, I had 10% of charge left in the iPod which is good for a 1680mAH Battery. We got 4Hours of Sot( Screen on time) on using With Wi-Fi. The ideal drain of iPod Touch is very low as iPhones. the 5W adapter Fully charges the iPod Touch in 150 Min which is a bit good.

iOS Operating System :

Here the iPod Touch comes with the iOS operating System which good. We cannot see Dual apps and other features in this iOS Operating System. We cannot see the unnecessary apps that are wasting Ram on the phone, which is good. we can get iOS Version Upgrades and security updates on iPod Touch.


My iPod Touch managed to do day to day tasks very well like the iPhones. there are No issues and problems with the UI and there are no heating issues with iPod Touch

Ram Management : 

Ram Management is done very well on this iPod Touch. It features 2GB ram and I did not notice any lags with the 4GB Ram device and there are no reloading of apps on this iPod Touch Multitasking experience is nice.

Coming to Gaming, we played Asphalt 9, Godfire, Leo’s Fortune and PUBG at Medium graphics setting without any lags & frame drops in the game.


Coming to the Camera Department, iPod Touch features a Single-Camera setup on the back of the device and a single camera on the front of the device. they work perfectly in iPod Touch. lets divide the cameras and look at the performance of them

1. Main Camera: the 8MP main Camera is Awesome and features a Fixed Aperture of F/2.2 with EIS. the daylight pictures are Excellent and contain good details. Exposure is in control with decent Dynamic range to take good photos in good lighting Conditions. in low light Conditions, the image processing Changes Everything and Provides Good pictures With Great Sharpness and Good Detail had a little bit noise which is negligible to see.

Video recording can be done up to 4k@30fps .the video footage has awesome Colours with great sharpness and decent dynamic range. Stabilization is good in 4k@30fps And 1080p FHD recording. the video quality in the low night conditions is Excellent. 

Selfie camera :

 iPod Touch features an 1.2 MP selfie camera with a fixed aperture of F/2.2. the Picture quality is good and captures pictures in a A bit Wide view in good lighting conditions it also captures good images. lowlight images the noise levels are high compared to the rear camera.

Video recording can be done up to 1080p @30fps with Front Camera .the video footage has awesome Colours with great sharpness and decent dynamic range. 

Widevine L1 support:

 iPod Touch has Widevine L1 support to stream HD videos from Amazon Prime or NetFlix which is good to see.A


  • Good IPS LCD Screen brightness and Excellent Vibrant Colours
  • Good Front and Rear Camera’s
  • Snappy A10 Fusion Chip
  • Budget iOS Device
  • In Different Storage variants


  • Older Design Language
  • Takes 2 hours to charge

If you are using iPod Touch then Share your experiences with us in the comment section below and Stay tuned to MobiRadar for more Reviews like this.

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