Apple iPhone 12 & 12 Pro Accessories & Pricing

Along with the iPhone 12 Series Apple Has Launched a lot of Accessories for iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro & iPhone 12 Pro Max. Now all The Accessories are Able to See On Apple website with Pricing Information.

iPhone 12, 12 Pro Silicone Case Arrives in Eight Different Colours with Magnets Placed in it Which Helps the Magsafe Charger to Attach. This Silicone case Costs $49 in US and €55 in European Market.

iPhone 12 & 12 Pro Clear Case Which is Made with Clear polycarbonate and Flexible Materials with MagSafe Magnets in it. This Clear Case Costs $49 in US & €55 in Europe.

The Leather Wallet Which Attaches On the Rear Side of iPhone 12 Series which gives Space to Place iD Cards & Credit Cards. This Wallet Arrives in 4 Colours and Made From Specially Tanned European Leather and Costs $59 in US & €65 in Europe.

MagSafe Wireless Charger, it is Only Wireless Charger to Provide 15W Wireless Charging. This Charger Costs $39 in US or €45 in Europe. If you use any Qi Powered Charger it will Give only 7.5W of Power.

At Last Apple has Launched 20W USB-C Charger. Actually This Charger arrives in the Retail box of iPad 8th Gen. This Charger Costs $19 in US & €25 in Europe.

All the MagSafe Accessories are Not Available Expect 20W USB-C Charger. Stay Tuned To Mobiradar for More Information.

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