Apple Has Sold 500 Million+ iPads

In Time Flies Event Apple shared an interesting Information about the sales. Apple has Claimed that, it is First Company to Sell 500 Million+ Tablets from 2010, The year which first iPad Arrived. This is First Time Apple Has Announced it’s Sales Numbers for the First Time. In 2018 Apple has Announced that their Company is Very successful with Various Products

Coming to the iPads, Apple Has Said the 53% of Consumers Right Noware Buying their First iPad. So we can say That Apple Is Growing Very Fastly In Tablet Market. Apple Says that iPads have Got Most Customer Satisfaction in Tablet Market.

Today In this Times Flies Event Apple has Announced New iPad Air and iPad 8th Gen a Budget iPad with Good Internals. Check out Pricing Information about iPads and Stay Tuned To MobiRadar for More Information.

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