Apple Air Tags Leaked On iOS 13

In 2019, A news came that Apple was working on Smart tags which are based on Bluetooth which are named “AirTags”.  In Airtags the Signal is transmitted through Bluetooth Low Energy Signal. These Airtags will work like other smart tags that are available in the market. Due to these Airtags are made my Apple we can expect some more features like AirPods series. These AirTags will be in Circle shape which is reported by 9to5Mac. These Smart tags are Helpful to find the Keys, Phone, and other devices at home when you lost them. In iOS 13 settings 9to5Mac found these AirTags in “how to disable Find My iPhone” when we disable that an option named “Enable Offline Finding.

This Reveals that Apple is Launching AirTags with Bluetooth before the end of Quarter 4. Stay tuned to Mobiradar For More Updates.

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