A SmartPhone with 192MP camera Optics and SD 765G Soc Is Arriving Next month in Market

A Famous LeakStar named Digital Chat Station Is Now Teasing a Smartphone With 192MP Camera Optics And Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G next Month in Market. Earlier A News Is Came From a Xiaomi that Samsung has Now Working On a 150MP camera Sensor To Launch In Market. Coming To First Name, Xiaomi Has Released a 150MP camera With Mi Note 10. Now Xiaomi, Reno and Vivo Are Planning to Launch Some Smartphones In Market By The End Of 2020 or Early 2021. This Will Arrive On Some Brand Names Like Mi Note or Reno or Z series From Vivo. Coming To This Smartphone This Will be a Premium Mid Range Smartphone Because it Arrives with Snapdragon 765G Soc. 

A Doubt Arises that Snapdragon 765G Chipset Will Support 192MP Camera?. The Answer is Qualcomm has Rolled out The 192MP Camera Support For Premium Soc’s By the Second Quarter of 2019. This 192MP Camera Will not need Other chips For Image capturing or Image processing.

Coming to Specs of this Image Sensor, this 192MP Sensor Will Sport a Nona Pixel binning Which Means 9 Pixel in 1 Pixel. This Sensor Will Produce the nearly 25MP Raw Photos. The Expect Samsung, OmniVision & Sony Will Make this Sensor Because They Started Working Over 100MP Sensors.

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