In early 2018 Huawei launched their 5G chipset named Balong 5000. This is the first chipset in the world to support all networks with 5G. It can support sub-6GHz. Huawei also conformed to use it in IOT and commercial devices. At Mwc Huawei launched a foldable phone named Mate X and Mate 20 Pro with 5G Network.

Now the News coming from China says Huawei might supply their Balong 5000 5G Chipsets to Apple. Huawei offiacalls are saying we are gong to Supply these 5G chipsets for Apple only. In the competitive world to make sales Apple should bring 5G smartphones in their line up. Qualcomm has also 5G chipsets named X50 and X55 which support single 5G band and Multiple networks bands with 5G. But Apple will not take those chipsets because there is a case going in a US Court between apple and Qualcomm. There is chance to take 5G chipsets from Qualcomm.

As there are many companies like Samsung, Mediatek, Intel which are making 5G chipsets for smartphones. Apple made partnership with Samsung for OLED plans for iPhone X series. This agreement is running till now and Samsung offering OLED Panels for Future iPhones.

Coming to huawei, Huawei is banned in US and other global markets for sending user data to Chinese intilligence through a back door from their phones and US Government is taking a serious action on Huawei and banned their phones, commercial products and technologies in US. We might think how Apple will make paternership with Huawei for their 5G chipsets. This a big question to Apple.

At present Apple is using intel modems in In IPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max. Apple might also take these 5G chipsets from intel also by including in their partnership. We get answer for this question in September 2019 after the iPhone release

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