Apple has released their true wireless ear buds in 12 Sep 2016 along with Iphone 7 Series. At that time it was very crazy Bluetooth earphones with buds, charging case, touch features and Siri integration. It is top selling device until now because 1. Apple users brought it because of there is no 3.5mm headphone jack from 2016 Iphones. 2. These are very handy to carry and works with Android smartphones also. So they are top selling wireless earbuds until now.

Reports are saying that Airpods second gen will arrive in early 2019. New reports are saying that new gen Airpods can feature health monitoring like watch series 4. It can feature a heart-rate sensor. If this happens Airpods second gen will not provide much battery life like Airpods first-gen. They will be small like Airpods can feature water resistant & W2 chip for clear audio experience. If want provide these features, they to increase the battery they have increase the size of earbuds. This will not happen because they have already gone in mass production.

There is a huge competition in wireless earbuds from Samsung, Bose, Google, Jabra, Erato, Bragi & Jaybiard. Until now Airpods are best in terms of sound and battery life. If Apple concentrates again on sound and battery life, they will beat these competitors with second-gen Airpods also.

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