7 Secret Settings to Enhance Not New Hard Drive Work After Virus Removal

Windows also install a lot of connections by default when you connect to a new network. If the Physical address of your network adapter is 78-DD-08-F1-DF-B0 then you have to remove the dashes and type it as 78DD08F1DFB0). Before we tell you how to fix DNS server not responding issue on your computer, let’s find out what does The DNS server isn’t responding mean. The DNS server isn’t responding error is one of the most common DNS errors which you will experience while connecting to the internet in Windows operating systems.

Although antivirus programs are designed to keep intruders out, they also have the capability to block internet access if they detect a misbehaving device. You need to head to the device manager window and scroll down to the section of network adapters.

Right-click on the active network adapter and click on “Update Driver“. One of the most common problems associated with a DNS error is a down network. A single server in the system may not relay the information correctly to the next server. Or a setting may be wrong, or something as simple as a cord connected incorrectly to an added server. The DNS Server not responding error occurs when one portion of a network is not connecting properly to another portion of the network .

  • Sometimes, antivirus errors might be causing no Internet problems.
  • I addition, if the antivirus you’re using causes problems repeatedly, you might want to consider uninstalling it and using an alternative product.
  • In Properties, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties.
  • However, we suggest this as a temporary fix only – you should never leave your PC unprotected for an extended period of time.
  • What is more, it could be that your computer has several security products installed that are not compatible with each other, which causes various errors to surface.

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You can easily install the software called Smart Dns Server Not Responding Fixer Pro on your computer and start the Scan. Once the scan is completed, it will display all the problems which were identified in the scan and which need to be fixed. If you are using a lot of Internet connections on your computer then also you can experience this error.

However, if you are not able to fix DNS server is not responding error with simple solutions then you have to opt the advanced methods. Smart Dns Server Not Responding Fixer is a tool which specializes in fixing the Windows registry errors and all the DNS server issues.

Solution 1: Fix Network Address

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DNS errors are one of the most common errors users receive while surfing the Web. This can occur because of a wide range of issues which we’ll tackle in this article. This is not a really big issue but a very common one and the solution to this issue is also quite simple as you have already seen above.

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